Et j'en passe

French expressions analyzed and explained

Expression: ... et j'en passe

Pronunciation: [ ay zha(n) pahs]

Meaning: and that's not all, and all sorts of things, and so on

Literal translation: and I pass over some

Register: normal

Notes: The French expression et j'en passe is a sort of verbal shorthand, a way of letting listeners know that you are skipping over boring or excessive details. The adverbial pronoun en replaces the implied word choses - the things you're skipping over.

    Ce que Michel est raseur ! Il n'a pas arrêté de parler de son divorce, déménagement, licenciement et j'en passe !
   Michel is such a bore! He droned on about his divorce, move, firing, and on and on!

    J'en passe et des meilleures - literally, "I pass over some and better ones." Note that meilleures is feminine plural to agree with choses.

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