Et j'en passe

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Expression: ... et j'en passe

Pronunciation: [ ay zha(n) pahs]

Meaning: and that's not all, and all sorts of things, and so on

Literal translation: and I pass over some

Register: normal


The French expression et j'en passe is a sort of verbal shorthand, a way of letting listeners know that you are skipping over boring or excessive details. The adverbial pronoun en replaces the implied word choses—the things you're skipping over.


    Ce que Michel est raseur ! Il n'a pas arrêté de parler de son divorce, déménagement, licenciement et j'en passe !

   Michel is such a bore! He droned on about his divorce, move, firing, and on and on!


    J'en passe et des meilleures - literally, "I pass over some and better ones." Note that meilleures is feminine plural to agree with choses.



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