Eternity in Hell

Christian Poem About Eternity in Hell

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"Eternity in Hell" is an original Christian poem submitted by an member. If you died today, would you be ready for eternity? This poem will make you stop and consider that all-important question.

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Eternity in Hell

I had died and my soul was brought before God
To be judged for the journey that I had trod.

The terrible truth about my life had finally hit
Concerning my journey and how my life was spent.

The Ten Commandments appeared before me one and all
I was asked one by one, how I'd obeyed their beckoning call.

The answers terrified me to my core
There was nothing hidden, standing on God’s floor.

I was asked one by one about the deeds I had done
Did I obey God’s rules and law, or did I forsake them one and all.

I could plainly see the blasting fire from Hell
Eternity was here, and to my knees I fell.

I'd never shook so hard overcome by fear
It was too late to plead, judgment day was here.

The beauty of Heaven was far beyond belief
There was joy everywhere, laughter, no grief.

Jesus appeared in front of me looking very sad
He said, "I loved you and gave to you all I had."

I saw his scarred body which he sacrificed
For me to live in Heaven, he paid the awful price.

Scars from spikes, spears, whips, thorns and such
To live with him eternally, he never asked for much.

Just to love and obey him was all I had to do
Not turn away from him after all that he went through.

I had plenty of time to pray, ask forgiveness and repent
But I didn’t worry about my sinning and how my life was spent.

I seldom took the time to pray, and God would usually have to wait
Now it was my time to face him and learn of my fate.

Though he searched and searched, and searched once again
Finally he said, “My son, you know the wages for your sin.”

Sadly, God sentenced me to endless time, for eternity to dwell
For ever and ever, and evermore, I would be cast into Hell.

Satan’s demonic laughter came from the Lake of Fire
Satan said, "You’re mine, I’ll torture you forever, and never tire."

No one will hear your pleading, or listen to you pray
Your words will fall on deaf ears now, no matter what you say.

Satan dragged me to Hell’s torturous eternal fire and smoke
Crying, screaming, trembling, pleading to God, I awoke.