Eve Donovan Profile

A complete biography of the 'Days of Our Lives' character

Kassie DePaiva
Kassie DePaiva. Courtesy: Getty Images/Jason Kempin

Quick Take:

When Eve Baron first surfaced on Days of Our Lives, she was a lost, troubled teenager working as a prostitute and searching for her long, lost father, Shane Donovan. Eve was bent on revenge and wreaked havoc on the lives of Kimberly Brady and Jennifer Horton. She was constantly searching for love, but it always seemed to allude her. Eventually, she left town with Frankie Brady, but the romance fizzled.

A marriage to Eduardo Larson was also short-lived. 

Played By:

Charlotte Ross (1987 to 1991)
Kassie DePaiva (2014 to present)

Family Ties:

The love child of Shane Donovan and Gabrielle Pascal, Eve has two, younger half-siblings: brother Andrew and sister Theresa. Her daughter Paige is deceased, having been murdered by the Necktie Killer.

Love Lines:

Eve's first crush was Frankie Brady, and she briefly dated Harris Michaels. She also had an affair with her pimp, Nick Corelli, as well as a romance with Scotty Banning. She finally fell in love for real with Frankie. She married Eduardo Larson, but the union ended in divorce.

Here Comes Trouble

Eve Baron arrived in Salem with an agenda: finding her father, Shane Donovan. The troubled teenager, who worked as a prostitute for Nick Corelli, was hellbent on destroying Shane and Kimberly's marriage, wrongly believing Kimberly had broken up her parents' relationship.

(At the time, Eve thought her mother was Shane's first wife, Emma.) As fate would have it, Kimberly quickly befriended Eve, not knowing her true identity, and even hired her to babysit her son Andrew.

It didn't take Eve long to get into trouble with the law. She stole a car and hit Sarah Horton. Eventually, she 'fessed up to Shane about her true identity, admitting she was his daughter.

Shane welcomed Eve into his life and invited her to live in the Donovan home. Yet, she continued to hate on Kimberly and cause problems for her.

Crush on You

Eve developed a crush on Frankie Brady, but his heart belonged to Jennifer Horton. While Jennifer and Frankie were apart, Frankie began volunteering at the college's teen help line, which was run by Paula Carson. Eve began calling in under the assumed name of Emily, and Frankie offered her guidance. During that time, he also had a one-night stand with Paula.

Eve found out about the tryst. When Frankie and Jennifer reconciled, Eve wrote an anonymous article about it in the paper. Frankie confessed the truth to Jennifer; they broke up, and he left town for college.

Spinning Out of Control

Shane eventually adopted Eve, but her life continued to spiral out of control; particularly when Nick forced her back into prostitution. In trouble one night while "on the job," Eve called Kimberly for help. Kimberly, who was pregnant, ended up attacked and lost her child.

The turmoil surrounding Eve continued when she was attacked by the Riverfront Knifer (Harper Deveraux). Although she survived, she was left with a long scar on her cheek. Shane soon learned that Eve's mother was his old ISA partner Gabrielle Pascal, not his ex-wife Emma, as he originally believed.

The revelation upset Kimberly and she left Salem.

Teen (Magazine) Queen

To help the scarred Eve feel better about herself, Nick arranged for her to pose for the cover of a teen fashion magazine. Eve was excited, especially when some boys from school suddenly    showed an interest in her. However, when Eve learned that Harris, the boy she liked, had made a bet with his buddy Jake to see how long it would take to get her into bed, she was devastated.

Revenge Plots

Eve tried to commit suicide by swallowing a handful of sleeping pills. She survived, but vowed revenge. With Nick's help, Eve set the boys up at a party with drugs and alcohol; then, alerted the cops. The boys sought revenge next, kidnapping Eve and leaving Nick a note to meet them out of town. In the end, Nick's car went over a cliff and exploded.

Masked Man

Devastated by Nick's "death," Eve ran away and ended up crashing her car.

Eddie rescued her and brought her to a deserted mansion where Nick, who was alive, but badly burned, was now residing. He spoke to Eve while wearing a mask, hiding his true identity from her.

Meanwhile, Eddie told Eve he was looking for money that Nick had stolen from Harper Devereaux. When they found a key to a safe deposit box, Eddie took Eve to the bank with him. Eve left behind a note asking for help. Shane ended up coming to his daughter's rescue with Nick's help. 

Nick, Steve and Kayla lured Eddie back to the mansion, but he managed to escape. Soon, Eve learned the masked man was Nick. She agreed to have reconstructive surgery on her face if Nick did the same. As the procedure was about to begin, Eddie charged into the operating room and threatened to take Eve unless Nick turned over Harper's money. Once again it was Shane to the rescue as he shot and killed Eddie, and Eve and Nick both underwent successful surgeries.


Tragic Turn, Happy Turn

Later that year, Shane was presumed dead, when he was the victim of a bomb blast. Eve was both devastated and furious, when she learned he'd left everything to Kimberly. Meanwhile, Nick, who purchased Wings nightclub, gave Eve a job singing there. At this point, Eve had fallen in love with Nick.

To discourage her, he married April Ramirez. Eventually, Nick granted April an annulment, knowing she was in love with Mike Horton.

Things took a happy turn for Eve, when Shane turned up alive. However, Kimberly, who mistook him for a prowler, shot him. Eve, who still resented Kimberly, tried to plant seeds of doubt about her in her father's mind. She suggested that Kimberly might have actually wanted to off him.

New Love

Eve fell for yet another guy who's heart belonged to someone else: Scott Banning. Determined to separate him and his girlfriend Faith, Eve told her about Scott's shady record producing projects. Her plan failed, and Faith remained by Scott's side. Eve was left the odd girl out again, when Scott was accepted into medical school and he and Faith left town together.

Losing Nick

Nick ended up dead for real; this time a victim of murder. He left Eve $10 million with the stipulation that she marry. Eve proposed to Frankie, who rebuffed her. So she turned to Jack Deveraux, suggesting a marriage of convenience that could benefit both of them. Jack agreed, since he had just called off his wedding to Jennifer and was fighting a hostile takeover of The Spectator.

Things took a turn for the worse when Nick's brother Johnny showed up in Salem and implicated Eve in Nick's murder.

A frightened Eve took off for Florida. Frankie went after her, when he found evidence that exonerated her of any wrongdoing, and convinced Eve to return home.

The investigation into Nick's murder continued with Detective Brian Scofield at the helm. Brian, Eve, Frankie, Melissa, Jack and Jennifer all boarded The Old West Express, when a clue surfaced that Nick's murder weapon was hidden on the train. While they searched one of the cars, Johnny's thug uncoupled it and it plummeted down a snowy mountainside. 

Finally Finding Love

Eve played hero leading everyone to safety, thanks to the help of Molly Brinker, who lived there. However, she was nearly killed in a fall from the helicopter that was rescuing everyone from the mountain. Frankie, realizing how much Eve meant to him, declared his love for her.

Once they returned to Salem, Eve came to the realization that if she divorced Jack to be with Frankie, she would lose her fortune. Julie Williams, who wanted Jack free to be with Jennifer, intervened and offered to buy Eve out of The Spectator. Eve accepted the deal and granted Jack a divorce.

When Frankie was called off to work for a charity organization in Africa, he asked Eve to leave town with him. Eve, who was desperately in love with him, happily said yes and the twosome road off into the sunset together.

A Salem Return

In 2014, Eve returned home to Salem. She had a motive: she wanted her share of the royalties from her ex-hubby Jack's book. Jennifer fought her on it, wanting all the proceeds to go to victims of PTSD. However, eventually, Jennifer was forced to relent and Eve got her payout. The situation reignited the feud between Eve and Jennifer.

But that was just the start of things. Eve was furious that Jennifer's son, JJ, was dating her daughter, Paige. She did everything in her power to break the twosome up and, in time, succeeded. Then, in a bizarre twist, Eve ended up having an affair with the young teenager. When Jennifer walked in on the twosome in bed together, she went ballistic. Jennifer, however, quickly used the affair to her advantage, threatening to reveal the sordid truth to Paige, unless Eve supported JJ and Paige's reconciliation. This time, Eve had no choice but to relent.

Paige ultimately learned about JJ and Eve's affair and was devastated. She broke up with JJ and moved out of the home she shared with her mother.

Eve tried to make amends with her daughter to no avail. Sadly, Paige ended up murdered at the hands of the Necktie Killer, leaving Eve devastated.