Events in the Life of Gaius Julius Caesar

Events in the Life of Gaius Julius Caesar

Coin of Julius Caesar
Coin of Julius Caesar.

Caesar was born July 13, 100 B.C. and died on the Ides of March in 44 B.C. During these 56 years, Caesar accomplished more personally than most and brought more changes to Rome than any Roman before him.

In 84 B.C. he was first married. When he was 25, pirates captured him. Ten years later he became aedile, and two years after that he became pontifex maximus, an honor usually reserved for men much older.

When he was 40, he won one the consulship and formed the triumvirate (with Pompey and Crassus). In the 50's B.C., he waged successful campaigns in Europe, and in 49 B.C. he crossed the Rubicon, challenging the Roman status quo, and starting a civil war. A year before he was assassinated, he was made dictator for life.

Caesar's Timeline

  • July 13, 100 Caesar's Birth
  • 84 Marries daughter of L. Cornelius Cinna
  • 75 Captured by Pirates
  • 73 Elected Pontifex
  • 69 Cornelia dies
  • 67 Marries Pompeia
  • 65 Elected Aedile
  • 63 Elected Pontifex Maximus
  • 62 Divorces Pompeia
  • 61 Governor of Further Spain
  • 60 Becomes Consul and forms the Triumvirate
  • 59 Consul
  • 58 Defeats Helvetii and Germans
  • 55 Crosses the Rhine; Invades Britain
  • 54 His daughter, Pompey's wife, dies
  • 53 Crassus killed
  • 52 Clodius murdered; Caesar defeats Vercingetorix
  • 49 Crosses the Rubicon - Civil War begins
  • 48 Pompey murdered
  • 45 Declared dictator for life
  • 44 Ides of March, assassinated

    For more on the reasoning and evidence for the years of Caesar's life, see this old article that nonetheless reviews the various alternatives: "The Year of Caesar's Birth," by Monroe E. Deutsch. Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association, Vol. 45. (1914), pp. 17-28.

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