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How to Choose Between Evernote Premium and the Free Version

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I often direct users toward free versions of apps, services, and software products, but when it comes to Evernote, the Premium version is a great value.

With Premium, you get so many extra features that can be useful for business, school, and home that I feel I can recommend this tier to just about anyone.

Pricing for Evernote Premium

At the time of this writing an Evernote Premium subscription is about $49.99 yearly or $4.99 monthly (USD). Upgrading to Evernote for Business generally costs more.

Looking to save a little money? You may also be interested in checking out Features You Get with an Evernote Plus Account.

Evernote may be offering a special deal, so always refer to their pricing site. I also list a bunch of options just below.

Feature Comparison: Top Tools Evernote Premium Offers You

Take a look at this feature list to gauge how much you think you would use the extra features. I have compared what the Premium experience gives you above the free version.

Keep in mind that this is a general overview, as some features may be available on certain devices or platforms.

  • Presentation Mode - Many of us do not need a full-fledged slide show program for sharing our ideas. You can use Evernote to deliver information to small groups with the Presentation Mode feature. This means your notes and attachments become full-screen 'slides', without you having to transfer all that information to a PowerPoint, for example.
  • Document Search - Text is searchable in the free version of Evernote, but to search images, PDFs, and attachments of various file types you will need to sign up for Premium.
  • Offline Use - In Premium, you can work offline then sync back to your notes once you are online, which may be helpful if your school's WiFi is unreliable.
  • Passcode Lock - Class culture can get casual, with students leaving their devices open to prying eyes. Even if you already have a lock on your device, getting a Premium account allows you to lock the Evernote app itself.
  • Note Versions or History - As you change notes in your free account, previous versions are no longer available to you. With Premium, you can access previous versions. I would warn against thinking that you will upgrade to Premium if you ever need to access an older version. My understanding is you need to have the paid account in place first.
  • Larger Upload Size - Evernote Free is not unlimited when it comes to capacity. Many users do not realize this because they have not yet hit their monthly upload limit. If you have run into that wall, you may be interested in the Premium version's larger upload allowances (from 60 MB in the Free version to unlimited with Premium).
  • Business Card Scanning with LinkedIn - You can scan (or photograph) anything with the free version of Evernote, but this feature offers a streamlined way to create contacts and connect with them on LinkedIn, a social platform for professionals and job seekers.
  • Support - As a Premium customer you become prioritized for customer service requests. Evernote assures that these users get responses more quickly.
  • PDF Annotation - Mark up PDF files within Evernote.

A Few Additional Ways to Save Money on Your Evernote Account

Deals may help you make that leap to an upgrade. Here are a few you should know about.

Again, whether Evernote Premium is worth it to you or your team comes down to personal preference, but hopefully this rundown has helped you decide which to go with.

Get Started: How to Download Evernote and Sign Up for a Free or Premium Account


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