Everything You Need to Know About Family Feud

Family Feud is both a classic game show and a current favorite. With its succession of hosts and unique format, The Feud has hooked audiences from several different generations and kept them watching as the game has evolved over the decades. If you're looking for information on the show, from its history to how to get cast to play the game, you've landed in the right place.
Family Feud Logo
Family Feud Logo. Courtesy Debmar-Mercury

It all started in 1976, with host Richard Dawson at the helm. Things have changed over the years, but the basic format of questions with answers coming from a survey of random people remains the same. Families compete to earn money, while at the same time entertaining the folks at home who are watching and rooting for them. More »

Richard Dawson. courtesy GSN

There have been six hosts of Family Feud, plus one more who helmed the Celebrity Edition. Each of them brought their own unique personalities to the game. How many of these men can you name without looking at the article linked above? More »

Divorced Couples tournament on Family Feud
Ex Husbands take on Ex Wives in the Divorced Couples tournament on 'Family Feud' this week. Courtesy Debmar-Mercury

Gather your family and get your application in! It's easy to apply to be contestants on Family Feud as long as you follow the eligibility rules. You can apply online, through submitting a video, or you can opt to attend an open casting call. More »

Family Feud Logo
Family Feud Logo. Courtesy Debmar-Mercury

The Feud tapes in Atlanta, Georgia. If you live near the studio or plan to travel to Atlanta, attending a live taping is a fun experience that you'll never forget. Tickets are always free for the asking. More »

Courtesy NBC

Like almost every game show, Family Feud has its own glossary of terms. From catch phrases like "Survey says!" to game elements like Fast Money, learn how and why these phrases are used on the show. If you're a long-time viewer, they'll all be common knowledge for you! More »

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Halloween on Family Feud

Family Feud host John O'Hurley with the Bronson Family
Courtesy Debmar-Mercury

Halloween is always a fun time for game shows, and this was never truer than during John O'Hurley's time on the show. The costumes and set design were some of the best we've seen on the Feud, and these photos are evidence of this fact.

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Burton Richardson, Feud's Long-Time Announcer

Burton Richardson
Burton Richardson. Courtesy Debmar-Mercury

Burton Richardson was the voice of Family Feud for many years. Though he was let go when Steve Harvey took over as host, he has lots of fond memories of his time on this and many other game shows. This interview with Richardson was one of the most fun I've ever done.

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Steve Harvey, Feud's Current Host

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey. Courteesy Debmar-Mercury

Steve Harvey is the current host of the show, and he's done great things in his time there. With viewership way up, it's no wonder that Harvey was voted Best Game Show Host in our 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

Bill Engvall and family on Celebrity Family Feud
Bill Engvall and family. Courtesy NBC
Hosted by Al Roker, Celebrity Family Feud was a special event that pitted celebrities against one another. Some celebs appeared with their actual families, while others competed with their television families or teammates. More »

Family Feud's Legacy

Very few game shows have shown the kind of staying power that Family Feud has enjoyed. Whether you started watching back in the 1970s when Richard Dawson was famous for kissing women, or you began tuning in with the addition of funnyman Steve Harvey, or somewhere in between, chances are that you still tune in whenever you see that there's a new episode on television. Family Feud shows no signs of stopping, and we're happy to see that it remains as popular today as it ever was.