Example Sentences of the Verb Come

Come Over Here
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Here are two example sentences with the verb come in each of the tenses. There are also examples in the passive voice, modal forms  and conditional forms

Uses of Come

The verb come is one of the most common in English. Come is usually used when returning to a place one is at such as in 'come home', or when speaking about a person going from one place to another to see another person as in the phase 'come over here'.


Come is also used in many phrasal verbs such as, come up, come through, come over, come to.

Tom came up with a solution. 
Could you come over tonight?

Example Sentences in Each Form

Base Form come / Past Simple came / Past Participle come / Gerund coming

Present Simple

I often come to this supermarket.
Alan comes up with great ideas.

Present Continuous

Look! he is coming up the street.
Jennifer is coming over this evening.

Present Perfect

Mary has come to this school for the past four years.
MY friend Peter has come through for me many times.

Present Perfect Continuous

Mary has been coming to this school for the past four years.
The students have been coming to the grammar class for two weeks.

Past Simple

We came here yesterday.
What did the teacher come up with on Monday?

Past Continuous

We were coming home when we got the telephone call on our cell phone.
She was coming to my help as the police arrived on the scene. 

Past Perfect

We had just come home when he arrived.
Alessandra had come up with a solution before they suggested the change.

Past Perfect Continuous

John had been coming to their house for years when he decided not to visit anymore.
I'd been coming to this class for two weeks when I met Alan.

Future (will)

Peter will come next week.
When will you come over for dinner?

Future (going to)

Mary is going to come to the party next week.
I think he's going to come up with an idea.

Future Continuous

This time next week I will be coming home.
Will you be coming over for dinner at eight?

Future Perfect

Many people will have come by the end of the party.
This meeting will have come to an end by six o'clock.

Future Possibility

She might come tomorrow.
Peter should come to this class. I think you'll enjoy it.

Real Conditional

If he comes, we will have lunch at a good restaurant.
Unless he shows up soon, she'll have to come over and give us a hand.

Unreal Conditional

If I came the party, I wouldn't enjoy myself.
I would come over tonight if I had the time.

Past Unreal Conditional

If he had come, he would have resolved all the problems.
Tom would have done his homework if he had come home on time.

Present Modal

You really should come to the show.
The children can come with you this evening.

Past Modal

They must have come! I'm sure I saw them.
He could always come home on the weekend. 

Quiz: Conjugate with Come

Use the verb "to come" to conjugate the following sentences. Quiz answers are below. In some cases, more than one answer may be correct.

  1. We ____ here yesterday.
  2. Peter _____ next week.
  3. Mary ____ to the party next week.
  4. Mary _____ to this school for the past four years.
  5. We _____ home when we got the telephone call on our cell phone.
  6. I often _____ to this supermarket.
  7. This time next week I _____ home.
  8. If he _____, we will have lunch at a good restaurant.
  9. We _____ just _____ home when he arrived.
  10. Many people ____ by the end of the party.

Quiz Answers

  1. came
  2. will come
  3. is going to come
  4. has come
  5. were coming
  6. come
  7. will be coming
  8. comes
  9. had come
  10. will have come

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