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Conjugate 'to meet' for every tense

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You're probably familiar with the irregular verb "to meet" from learning about introductions, but might not know the proper form for each tense. This page provides example sentences of the verb "to meet" in all tenses in English. Test out your new knowledge with the quiz at the end.

Examples of 'Meet' for Every Tense

Base Form meet / Past Simple met / Past Participle met / Gerund meeting

Present Simple

We usually meet on Friday afternoons.
Where do you usually meet your friends for lunch?
They don't usually meet many new people when they travel.

Present Continuous

We are meeting with a new client this morning.
Are they meeting with anyone at the moment?
She isn't meeting with the director. She's meeting with Tom.

Present Perfect

My friends have met me for lunch every day this week.
Have you met Cheryl yet?
Jeanne hasn't met Peter yet.

Present Perfect Continuous

We have been meeting new people for more than two hours.
Where have they been meeting each other?
She hasn't been meeting with the board for long.

Past Simple

My wife and met at an English school.
When did you meet your best friend?
They didn't meet each other until last year.

Past Continuous

We were meeting with Tom when he interrupted with the news.
Were you meeting with clients at three o'clock yesterday?
She wasn't meeting with anybody when he arrived.

Past Perfect

Janet had already met Jack when I introduced them.
When had they met to discuss the issue?
Jeff hadn't met her before they attended the conference last week.

Past Perfect Continuous

We had been meeting for two hours when he finally arrived.
How long had you been meeting when she called?
They hadn't been meeting for long when he interrupted the meeting.

Future (Will)

She will meet Jack at the airport next week.
When will we meet your new boyfriend?
She won't meet me for lunch tomorrow.

Future (Going to)

Nancy is going to meet Fred in Pairs next week.
When are you going to meet my friend Alice?
She isn't going to meet anyone new at that party

Future Continuous

We will be meeting the new clients this time tomorrow.
Where will he be meeting you for lunch at one o'clock?
They won't be meeting me at the hotel tomorrow afternoon.

Future Perfect

Our friends will have met many challenges by the time they finish the project.
How many people will you have met over the next few days?
They won't have met any of their obligations before the deadline.

Note on the Passive Voice

Each of the examples sentences demonstrates sentences in the active voice. The active voice is by far the most common voice in English. In the active voice, the subject does something. In contrast, the passive voice demonstrates what was done to the subject. Here's a quick example of the difference:

Active voice -> I've met a famous actor before.

Passive voice -> Cars are manufactured in Detroit.

As you can see, the passive voice doesn't focus on who does something. The passive voice focuses on what was done to something. The passive voice is formed by conjugating the verb "to be." In sentences with "to meet", conjugate the verb "to be" followed by the appropriate form of "to meet."

Guests will be met at seven o'clock.
Peter will be met at the airport by a car service.

Quiz: Conjugate With Meet

Use the verb "to meet" to conjugate the following sentences. Quiz answers are below. In some cases, more than one answer may be correct.

  1. They _____ at the airport by company representatives.
  2. Fred _____ with Alyssa when Peter burst into the room with the news.
  3. _____ Cheryl _____ any of your friends yet?
  4. We usually _____ on Friday afternoons.
  5. We _____ for two hours when he finally arrived.
  6. Management usually _____ with new employees on Monday mornings.
  7. My wife and _____ at an English school.
  8. Our friends _____ many challenges by the time they finish the project.
  9. If she _____ me at the airport, she would have given me a ride home.
  10. Nancy _____ Fred in Pairs next week.

Quiz Answers

  1. were met
  2. was meeting
  3. Has Cheryl met
  4. meet
  5. had been meeting
  6. meets
  7. me
  8. will have met
  9. had met
  10. is going to meet
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