Example Sentences of the Verb Begin

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This page provides example sentences of the verb "Begin" in all tenses including active and passive forms, as well as conditional and modal forms.

Base Form begin / Past Simple began[i/] / Past Participle begun / Gerund beginning

Present Simple

He usually begins work at eight o'clock.

Present Simple Passive

Construction is often begun before the plans are finished.

Present Continuous

We are beginning to understand the problem.

Present Continuous Passive

The report is being begun this very moment.

Present Perfect

Peter hasn't begun yet.

Present Perfect Passive

The report hasn't been begun yet.

Present Perfect Continuous


Past Simple

The school began to ask students to come earlier.

Past Simple Passive

The project was begun last week.

Past Continuous

They were beginning to eat as I arrived.

Past Continuous Passive

The book was being begun when I got to class.

Past Perfect

She had begun work before I arrived.

Past Perfect Passive

The project had been begun before he approved the final plans.

Past Perfect Continuous


Future (will)

It will begin soon.

Future (will) passive

The project will be begun by John.

Future (going to)

Oliver is going to begin a new job next week.

Future (going to) passive

The process is going to be begun next month.

Future Continuous

He will be beginning his new job in two weeks time.

Future Perfect

The concert will have begun by the time you arrive.

Future Possibility

The movie may begin soon.

Real Conditional

I will begin if he arrives soon.

Unreal Conditional

She would begin soon if they offered her the job.

Past Unreal Conditional

If it had begun earlier they wouldn't have finished in time.

Present Modal

I must begin working hard!

Past Modal

They should have begun the project earlier.

Quiz: Conjugate with Begin

Use the verb "to begin" to conjugate the following sentences. Quiz answers are below. In some cases, more than one answer may be correct.

The school _____ to ask students to come earlier.
The project _____ before he approved the final plans.
We _____ to understand the problem.
He usually _____ work at eight o'clock.
The report _____ yet.
Oliver _____ a new job next week.
She _____ soon if they offered her the job.
She ______ before I arrived.
It _____ soon.
The concert _____ by the time you arrive.

Quiz Answers

had been begun
are beginning
hasn't been begun
is going to begin
would begin
had begun work
will begin
will have begun