Example Sentences of the Verb 'Bring'

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This page provides example sentences of the verb "bring" in all tenses in English. Study examples of positive and negative sentences, as well as questions. Make sure 

Infinitive: To Bring

Use the infinitive form "to bring" when combining with verbs that take infinitives as an object:

  • She hopes to bring that up at the meeting.

Base Form: bring

Use the base form "bring" together with helping verbs in the present simple, past simple, and future simple:

  • Do you usually bring your homework to class?
  • They didn't bring any news of the situation.
  • They won't bring anything to eat.

Past Simple: brought

Use the past simple "brought" in positive sentences with the past simple:

  • Peter brought his racket last weekend. 

Past Participle: brought

Use the past participle "brought" in past, present, and future perfect forms:

  • He's brought a number of friends to the party.
  • They hadn't brought anything to eat, so they went out.
  • She will have brought enough food for everyone.

Present Participle: bringing

Use the present participle, or "ing" form, for present, past, and future continuous tenses, as well as for all perfect continuous tenses:

  • She's bringing the drinks tonight.
  • Tom was bringing up the idea when she interrupted him.
  • They have been bringing a lot of new information to the discussion.

Each of these forms is used with different tenses. "Bring" is an irregular verb and should be memorized. 

Present Simple

  • She often brings friends to work.
  • How often do they bring their children to work?
  • Peter doesn't usually bring anything for lunch.

Present Continuous

  • Mary is bringing Jack to the party.
  • Why are they bringing up that topic?
  • We aren't bringing our friends to the show. 

Present Perfect

  • I haven't brought much food today.
  • How much money have they brought to the table?
  • She hasn't brought any homework with her.

Present Perfect Continuous

  • She has been bringing her friends along for years.
  • How long have you been bringing up that topic?
  • They haven't been bringing much to our potluck lately.

Past Simple

  • Alice brought a new friend to the party.
  • When did you bring that subject up with him?
  • She didn't bring any luggage with her last weekend.

Past Continuous

  • I was bringing out the present when she burst into the room.
  • What were you bringing up when he interrupted you?
  • He wasn't bringing about any change when they let him go.

Past Perfect

  • The others had brought the food before they arrived.
  • How many books had you brought to the study session?
  • She hadn't brought up that topic until you mentioned it. 

Past Perfect Continuous

  • She had been bringing different friends to work for years before her boss told her to stop.
  • How long had they been bringing their lunch to work before they started eating in the cafeteria?
  • She hadn't been bringing many friends around when he asked her to stop bringing anyone. 

Future (Will)

  • Janice will bring the dessert.
  • What will you bring to the party?
  • She won't bring that up at the meeting. 

Future (Going to)

  • I am going to bring the drinks to the party.
  • When are you going to bring your friends around for a visit?
  • They aren't going to bring her instrument to the concert. 

Future Continuous

  • This time next week we will be bringing about a number of changes.
  • What will you be bringing up at the next meeting?
  • She won't be bringing anything to eat, so we're going out. 

Future Perfect

  • They will have brought enough food by six o'clock.
  • How many times will you have brought a dessert by the end of the year?
  • We won't have brought enough steaks, so I'll go shopping.

To continue learning, make sure you study other irregular verbs and practice using a variety of tenses. Continue your focus on irregular verbs and practice using a variety of tenses. Continue your focus on "bring" with the following quiz.

Bring Quiz

Use the verb "bring" in the correct tense in the sentences below:

  1. I __________ the cake to the party before he arrived.
  2. We __________ the product out twenty years ago.
  3. Who __________ the wine to the party?
  4. I think Tom __________ his girlfriend to the party, but I'm not sure.
  5. Alex always __________ work home with him.
  6. She ______________ up the topic when he rudely interrupted.
  7. They __________ many friends to dinner since they moved here two years ago.
  8. Susan ____________ a few friends over before I arrived.
  9. She __________ the list right now. Don't worry.
  10. My neighbor _______ up a few topics at the meeting last week. 


  1. had brought
  2. brought
  3. will bring/is going to bring
  4. will bring
  5. brings
  6. was bringing
  7. have brought 
  8. had brought 
  9. is bringing
  10. brought
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