Exercise in Writing With Specific Details

Revising Sentences for Concreteness and Specificity

Attractive young woman working on laptop and taking notes at a cafe

 damircudic / Getty Images

Specific details create word pictures that can make your writing easier to understand and more interesting to read. This exercise will give you practice in revising sentences to make them more concrete and specific.


Revise the following sentences to make them more concrete and specific.

The sun came up.
At 6:27 on March third, the sun rose in a cloudless sky and flooded the earth with liquid gold.
  1. The food in the cafeteria was unappealing.
  2. We painted part of the garage.
  3. She sat by herself in the coffee shop.
  4. The kitchen was a mess.
  5. Marie looked sad.
  6. I waved to my pet.
  7. The car sped away.
  8. The waiter seemed to be impatient and annoyed.
  9. He was hurt in a boating accident.
  10. I felt tired after practice.
  11. She enjoys listening to music.
  12. There was a strange smell in the attic.
  13. The movie was stupid and boring.
  14. She ate lunch at a restaurant with her sister.
  15. It was noisy in the room.