Expanding Sentences With Adjectives and Adverbs

A Sentence-Expanding Exercise

expanding sentences
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Instructions: Add details to each sentence below by filling in the blanks with any adjectives and adverbs that you think are appropriate and correct.

Original: The _____ cat rested _____ on the windowsill.
Expanded: The old black cat rested fitfully on the windowsill.

Of course, there's no single set of correct answers to this exercise. Simply rely on your imagination to expand the original sentences, and then compare your new sentences with those created by your classmates.

  1. One _____ afternoon in July, I walked with my cousin to the petting zoo.
  2. Under the rickety old bridge lived a(n) _____ witch.
  3. Gertrude waited _____ for the Lorax to arrive.
  4. The mouse in our kitchen was _____ small.
  5. My sister heard a(n) _____ noise coming out of the closet in her bedroom.
  6. The children laughed _____ when they saw what their uncle had brought them.
  7. Dylan received a _____ smartphone for his birthday.
  8. We heard _____ music playing in the _____ apartment next door.
  9. The _____ puppy fell off the bed, but _____ he wasn't hurt.
  10. A(n) _____ man walked _____ up and down the room.
  11. The twins were playing _____ in their _____ playpen.
  12. The _____ wizard watched _____ as Rico became more and more upset.
  13. The _____ playground was filled with _____ leaves.
  14. A(n) _____ teacher spoke _____ to the boys in the hallway.
  15. The bells of the _____ church rang _____ in the clear winter air. 

This sentence-expanding exercise will give you additional practice in applying the principles and guidelines in these three articles and exercises:

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