Expressions of Quantity Quiz

Do your know the differences between much / many - some / any

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1. How _____ money do you have left?

2. There aren't _____ oranges on the table.

3. There are _____ people who would like to come to the party.

4. Unfortunately, there is ______ wine left in the bottle.

5. He has _____ friends in Los Angeles.

6. She says there are _____ students who study Russian.

7. I think I'll have _____ milk before I go to bed.

8. I'm sorry but there are ____ opportunities in this town.

9. He hasn't had _____ luck with finding a job.

10. She's happy because she has _____ friends in this town.

11. I have ______ respect for my best friend.

12. There are ______ ways to cook chicken.

13. There are _____ people who like liver.

14. Have you had _____ answers yet?

15. Are there _____ students who would like to come with me?

16. There isn't ____ sugar left in the jar.

17. I'm visiting _____ friends in Chicago next week.

18. I'm afraid he's had _____ experience as a bartender.

19. How _____ bottles of soda are there in the fridge?

20. There isn't ____ I can do for you.

Expressions of Quantity Quiz

You got: % Correct. You Know Much from Many!

I got You Know Much from Many!. Expressions of Quantity Quiz
You know your English!. Andrew Rich / Vetta / Getty Images

 Congratulations! You know how to use a variety of quantity expressions in English. Keep up the good work. 

Expressions of Quantity Quiz

You got: % Correct. Good Job, but Brush Up

I got Good Job, but Brush Up. Expressions of Quantity Quiz
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 You've understood how to use many expression of quantity, but  you'll need to brush up a little. Keep studying and you'll continue to improve your English. 

Expressions of Quantity Quiz

You got: % Correct. Keep Studying Expressions of Quantity

I got Keep Studying Expressions of Quantity. Expressions of Quantity Quiz
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You'll need to review expressions of quantity in English. Remember that objects are countable or uncountable. If you're not sure, ask yourself the question: Can I count this?