Extreme Weather Magazine

A Ful Review of Extreme Weather Magazine

Extreme Weather Magazine
Extreme Weather magazine is an amazing periodical brought to you by the award winning Astronomy magazine. With both historical and current weather images taken with stunning clarity, this is the magazine to beat for weather lovers everywhere. Astronomy Magazine


Just try to locate a magazine that focuses on weather and you will find very few options...That is until now. Extreme Weather magazine is a special publication covering weather science and its effects brought to you by Astronomy magazine. The concise language, easy to read articles, and stunning photography make this a first-rate choice for learning about the dynamic forces present in our atmosphere.

First Impressions

One quick flip through Extreme Weather and I was immediately compelled to sit for a few moments and read an article. Amazingly accurate and bright diagrams combined with glossy titles and carefully placed bullets and sidebars draw in the eye. Kudos go to the art directors and photographers for capturing the dualities present in storm photography; Intensity, power, fear and dread combined with beauty and fascination. And so, I sat...and read...and sat...and read. Devouring the articles page by page, I found myself enthralled for well over 2 hours.



A glance at the table of contents in Extreme Weather reveals a spectrum of weather articles covering the basics of weather science to historical and record-breaking storms. Here is a sneak peak at the table of contents:

  • Chasing the Perfect Storm by Warren Faidley
  • Is Global Warming Unleashing More Powerful Hurricanes? by Daniel Pendick
  • Can We Live with Climate Change? by Robert Henson
  • Nture's Wicked Spark by Francis Reddy
  • When the Sky Rains Earth by Keith Heidorn
  • When Thunder Turns Deadly by Francis Reddy
  • How Scientists Track Weather from Space by Stephen Ackerman
  • How Galveston Survived America's Deadliest Storm by Daniel Pendick
  • Top 12 Weather Myths by Michael E. Bakich
  • Plus a weather glossary, weather product highlights, weather glossary, book reviews, and more.

Plus 4 more weather articles in the Weather Illustrated segment. Each article is by Laura Baird.

  1. A Field Guide to Clouds
  2. Taking the Planet's Temperature
  3. Where is Earth Wettest and Driest?
  4. Where Do the Fastest Winds Blow?

Weather Topic Coverage

With a Goldilocks principle, the contents are in depth enough to keep weather fanatics intrigued, while having a readability easy enough for a less knowledgeable, but interested crowd. In other words, this magazine is just right. For example, the Field Guide to Clouds is a very basic article. But the topic coverage and interest in the story made it enthralling to read even though I knew all the clouds described.


Reader Reviews


The pictures of the tornado damage in Greensburg, Kansas were so clear, I felt a lump of fear in my throat. I couldn't stop thinking about the people who lived there. I have seen tornado damage images before, but this one really brought home the power of a tornado for me.


I especially liked the article on tracking weather from space. I really didn't understand how something as complex as the weather could be analyzed from that vantage point. Nice Job!


My sister got this magazine for me and I am not even a weather junkie. But, it was a pleasure to read. I would definitely recommend it.