Have Some Fun With Faces In Adobe Photoshop Fix CC

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Have Some Fun With Faces In Adobe Photoshop Fix CC

before and After images of the Faces effect applied to a Terra Cotta Warior photo.
The amount of fun you can have with the Facess options in Adobe Fix CC should be illegal.

Having done a deep dive in Photoshop Fix CC, you may have noticed I “glossed” over the Face option found in the Liquify feature of this app which shares some features of its Photoshop relative. This was deliberate because the amount of fun you can have with the Face option in Liquify should be illegal. Before we start there are a couple of things you need to know:

  • The face needs to unobstructed. No profiles, pets or other obstructions in front of the face. My profile image on the left won’t be recognized because I am leaning against my left hand.
  • This technique is somewhat destructive. Any changes made are applied directly to the image, not in a separate layer.
  • Resist the temptation to exaggerate the changes. The art of retouching is the art of subtlety.
  • If your intention is to ridicule the subject … move on. This also explains why I chose a photo I took of one of the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, China.

With that in mind, let’s get started.

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How To Use The Face Option Interface In Photoshop Fix CC

Image shows the control points over the eyes, nose, cheeks,lips and chin of the subject.
The effect is applied using control points.

When the image opens in Photoshop Fix CC, tap the Face option in Liquify. If the face is recognized, you will see seven dots. These are the Control points. They control:

  • Eyes (2 points)
  • Nose
  • Cheeks (2 points)
  • Lips
  • Chin

Each control point, when tapped will open a series of Context Controls relating to the particular Control Point tapped.

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How To Use The Eye Controls in Adobe Photoshop Fix CC

The eye contexts control - Size,Tilt,Height and Width- are shown to the right of the subject.
There is a lot of flecibility with the eyes controls.

When you tap an eye control point a series of Context Controls open. Keep in mind the changes you make will affect both eyes. They are:

  • Size: Tap this and, when you move the slider up or down both eyes will be made larger or Smaller.
  • Tilt: Tap this and use the slider to tilt they eyes.
  • Height: This slider makes the eyes higher.
  • Width: Tap this and the slider makes the eyes wider or narrower.

In the above example, I moved each of the controls to their maximum values.

When finished, tap on the image to accept the changes and tap once more to open the Control Points.

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How To Use the Nose Control in Adobe Photoshop Fix CC

The Nose Context control is shown to the right of the subject.
You can only widen or shrink the nose. No Pinnochio noses can be created.

When you tap the Nose control point you will see you can only widen the nose. In this example I used the Maximum value with the slider.

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How To Use The Lips Controls In Adobe Photoshop Fix CC

The Context Controls for the Upper Lip, Lower Lip, Smile and Width are shown to the right of the subject.
The Lips controls offer a lot of creative flexibility including adding a smile to the face.

The interesting aspect of these controls is how comprehensive they are. You get a lot of personal control handed to you. The controls are:

  • Upper Lip: Slide this up or down and just the upper lip is fattened or thinned out.
  • Lower Lip: Same affect as the Upper Lip control.
  • Smile: This control is rather interesting. It essential moves the mouth corners up or down to create a smile or frown.
  • Width: Use this slider to widen the lips. For those of you wondering, reducing the width does not create a Duck Face.
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How To Use The Cheeks And Chin Controls in Adobe Photoshop Fix CC

The Cheek and Chin Context Controls - face Distortion, Width,Jawline and Chin- are shown to the left of the subject.
The Chin and Cheek Controls are applied together and affect the entire face.

 These three Control Points all do the same thing so choosing one or the other will affect the image in exactly the same manner.

When you tap one of the three points, the following context controls open:

  • Face Distortion: Sliding this up or down widens or thins the entire face. In The above image, I made the face a bit thinner.
  • Width: This slider brings the cheeks in or pushes them out with the resulting changes in the face. In this example I moved the slider to the bottom to make the face a bit thinner.
  • Jawline: Moving this slider up or down widens or thins the jawline with corresponding changes made to the face. In this case , I moved the slider down to its minimum value.
  • Chin: Moving this control up or down moves the chin. In this case I wanted a slightly longer chin and moved the control down.

Finally tap the Before and After icon in the upper left to review your changes. If something needs changing, just tap the appropriate control point and make the change. When finished, tap the check mark to accept the changes.