Does Facebook Ban Nativity Pictures?

What Does Facebook Really Ban?

Facebook is trying to get folks to remove this picture

Is it true that Facebook bans images of the Nativity of Jesus Christ on the grounds that it's offensive to non-Christians? This particular rumor has been circulating since 2012, but it was never correct.  

Facebook is trying to get folks to remove this picture from their profiles because it is "offensive". Let's band together and prove them otherwise!!!!!

Text example #2:
As shared on Facebook, Dec. 13, 2013:

I just saw that FB is trying to ban the Nativity scenes from posting. I'm going to continue to do my part.....will you???

How Do We Know the Nativity Ban Never Happened?

The best disproof of this fabricated controversy is the fact that three years after the above image was first shared on Facebook by someone claiming it was being banned, it's still being shared today. Three-year-old posts containing the image still exist on Facebook, untouched. There are no instances in which the image had been removed, or in which any individual members stated that they had actually been asked by Facebook to remove it.

Facebook's terms of service forbid posting nudity, pornography, hate speech, threats, incitements to violence, and graphic or gratuitous violence. It also forbids bullying, intimidating or harassing any user. But there's nothing in the terms of service forbidding the posting of religious images.

Indeed, one can find religious-themed images — Christian and otherwise — everywhere on Facebook.

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