FACEBOOK SCAM: 'Woman Falls Into Polar Bear Pit' Video

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As shared on Facebook, Feb. 25, 2014:

SHOCKING VIDEO Woman Falls into Polar Bear Pit
Netlore Archive: New version of an old scam. Facebook blurbs promote a video supposedly showing a woman falling into a polar bear bit at a zoo.. Via Facebook

Description: Viral wall postings
Circulating since: Feb. 2014
Status: SCAM (see details below)

Text example: As shared on Facebook, Feb. 25, 2014:

[SHOCKING VIDEO] Woman Falls into Polar Bear Pit
The entire ordeal is caught on film - WARNING - very graphic content

Analysis: Users who click on this promotional blurb for a "shocking video" are first asked to share the video -- before viewing it -- and then to install a Facebook app which will receive the user's profile info and email address. By accepting it, the user grants the app permission to post status updates, photos, "and more" on his or her behalf.

Needless to say, this is a bad idea. Installing a rogue app can compromise the security of your Facebook account, not to mention flood your timeline and email inbox with spam (or worse). If you've unintentionally installed such an app, follow Facebook's instructions for removing it, then delete all posts connected with it.

The video doesn't exist, by the way. It's a come-on to gain access to your account. See the resources below for more info on rogue apps and clickjacking scams.


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