Facts About Online High School Diplomas

A growing number of students are earning online high school diplomas. Online high school diploma programs certainly offer convenience and flexibility. But many families have concerns. How do these virtual programs compare to traditional schools? How do employers and colleges feel about online high school diplomas? Read on for ten must-know facts about online high school diplomas.

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Most online high school diploma programs are accredited.

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In fact, many online programs have the same accreditation as brick-and-mortar schools. The most widely accepted online high school diploma programs are recognized by one of the four regional accreditors. Accreditation from the DETC is also held in high regard.

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There are four types of online high school diploma programs.

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Public online high schools are run by local school districts or states. Online charter schools are government-funded but run by private parties. Online private schools receive no government funding and are not bound to the same state-wide curriculum requirements. College-sponsored online high schools are overseen by university administrators.

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Online high school diplomas can be used for college admission.

Online public school has strong work demands.
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As long as the school is properly accredited, online high school diplomas are no different from those offered by traditional schools.

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Online high school diplomas can be used for employment.

Most states offer at least one way for students to earn a high school diploma at no cost.
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Online high school grads do not need to specify that they attended school through the internet. ​Online diplomas are equal to traditional diplomas when it comes to employment.

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Teenagers in almost all states can earn an online high school diploma for free.

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By attending an online public school, students can get a no-cost education paid for by the state. Some public programs will also pay for curriculum, computer rentals, and internet connection.

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There are online high school diploma programs for every academic level.

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With hundreds of online high school diploma programs to choose from, students can easily find one that meets their needs. Some programs are focused on remedial coursework and job preparation. Others are designed for gifted students, on the college track and bored with the traditional classroom.

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Online high schools can be used to help students make up credits.

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Not all online high school students study exclusively through the internet. Many traditional students take a few online courses to make up credits, improve their GPAs, or get ahead.

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Adults can also enroll in online high school diploma programs.

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Adult online high school diploma programs are available to help grown-ups qualify for employment or college. Several private online high schools now provide fast-track options for adult students that need to earn a diploma.

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Student loans are available to help families pay private tuition.

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Costs for online private schools can add up quickly. Families can avoid paying in one lump sum by taking out a K-12 education loan.

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Online students can work during set hours or at their own pace.

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Some online high schools require students to log in during school hours and "chat" with instructors online. Others allow students to complete work whenever they please. Whatever your learning preference, there’s an online high school that meets your needs.

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