12 Fake Simpsons Movies We Wish Were Real

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The Simpsons at the Movies

Mel Gibson's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
New alternate ending!. Fox, Screencap via Frinkiac

Whenever The Simpsons go to the movies, the movie they watch is saying something about the real movies that get made. Some of the fake movies in The Simpsons have become minor obsessions in their own rights. In 2013 MTV created real posters for fake movies from The Simpsons, putting famous actors on the posters. The list of brilliant Simpsons fake movies goes on and on, but we’ve narrowed it down to 12 fake Simpsons movies we wish were real. Not The Itchy and Scratchy Movie though because we know that’s only 53% new footage. 

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Any McBain Movie

McBain Will Avenge His Partner
"Mendozaaaaaaaaaa!". Fox, Screencap via Sopitas.com

All the McBain movies are spoofs of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Their star, Ranier Wolfcastle, even has a thick German accent. So any McBain movie brought to life would be awesome, but since it’s a whole franchise, there are so many to choose from. I’d personally like to see the one with the magic ticket. Maybe McBain could do it right! 

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Truckasaurus: The Movie from "Marge Vs. The Monorail"

Truckasaurus: The Movie
Marlon Brando IS Truckasaurus!. Fox, Screencap via ULOC.de

One of the very first Simpsons episodes, “Bart the Daredevil,” featured the monster truck crusher Truckasaurus. By “Marge Vs. the Monorail,” Truckasaurus got his own movie. It was pretty big too, if they got Marlon Brando to play the voice of John Truckasaurus. That’s Dan Castellaneta doing Brando, but if the real Brando had done a voiceover role, it could’ve been his Shrek

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Star Trek XII: So Very Tired from "Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie"

Star Trek XII: So Very Tired
"Again with the Klingons". Fox, Screencap via Frinkiac

Back before “The Next Generation” even got their own movies, The Simpsons joked about what would happen if the Kirk and Spock crew kept making movies. The Simpsons joked about the Enterprise crew being old and frail, but it could actually work as an Expendables type all-star movie. Either way, it would still be better than Star Trek Into Darkness.

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Ernest Goes Somewhere Cheap from "Cape Feare"

Sideshow Bob watching Ernest Goes Somewhere Cheap
Fox, Screencap via Frinkiac

In the “Cape Feare” episode, Sideshow Bob spoofs the famous scene of De Niro laughing overly enthusiastically at a bad movie (Problem Child in the Scorsese film). The Simpsons version was a generic Ernest movie. Presumably, this follows Ernest Needs a Kidney in the series, which Bart saw in season three. We never get a good look at the screen, but we'd still take this movie if it meant having Jim Varney back. 

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The Beautiful Game from "I Won't Be Home For Christmas"

The Beautiful Game
Starring Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. Fox, Screencap via Wikisimpsons

When Marge kicks Homer out on Christmas, part of his lonely journey takes Homer to the movies. We get to see an actual spoof of Disney’s but one of the posters we see is for a Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill Holocaust movie. The joke was that comedians made a serious movie, but I think they could actually pull it off. Both Hill and Rogen have done drama.

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Radioactive Man Re-Rises from "Steal This Episode"

Radioactive Man Deboot
The Radioactive Man Franchise got debooted. TCFFC

Alas, the Radioactive Man movie starring Rainier Wolfcastle and Milhouse was never finished, but the franchise lived on. By this episode, we learned that there had been a Radioactive Man reboot, but then they debooted it to undo all that stuff. That’s the one I want to see, and I’m waiting for deboots to take off in real life. Bring back Michael Keaton as Batman and Timothy Dalton as James Bond!

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Mel Gibson's Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Remake from "Beyond Blunderdome"

Mel Gibson's Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
"All in favor, say die!". Fox, Screencap via Frinkiac

When guest voice Mel Gibson held a test screening of his Mr. Smith Goes to Washington remake in Springfield, he took the note cards a little too seriously. Homer convinced him to reshoot a more Lethal Weapon style ending. I’d like to see that, a straightforward Mr. Smith remake bringing back idealism to politics, and then Mel goes crazy in a violent bloodbath! 

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School of Hard Knockers from "Homer Goes To College"

School of Hard Knockers
Homer's favorite college movie. Fox, Screencap via Simpsonsscreenshots.wordpress.com

This would be the ultimate Revenge of the Nerds/Animal House college party movie. It certainly taught Homer everything he knew about college. Nerds and jocks always have to fight against the crusty old dean! 

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A Burns For All Seasons from "A Star Is Burns"

A Burns For All Seasons
Directed by Senor Spielbergo. Fox, Screencap via Chud.com

This is the propaganda biopic Mr. Burns hired Senor Spielbergo to direct. Burns wanted Senor Spielbergo to do for him what the real Spielberg did for Oskar Schindler! Even Senor Spielbergo knew this was a bad idea, but imagine the whitewashed Mr. Burns biopic we could see. But don't forget Man Getting Hit With Football!

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The Muppets Go Medieval from "A Fish Called Selma"

The Muppets Go Medieval
Troy McClure and Miss Piggy. Fox, Screencap via Muppet Wiki

Every Muppet movie is full of celebrity cameos. If they made Muppet movies in Springfield, of course there’d have to be one starring Troy McClure! A cheesy Troy McClure movie with Muppets as knights? Yes, please! (This episode also features McClure appearing in Stop This Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off! “I love legitimate theater.”)

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Honk If You're Horny from "King Sized Homer"

King Sized Homer
Homer tries to see Honk if You're Horny. Fox, Screencap via Frinkiac

This is the movie Homer tried to go see but he denied entrance for being too fat for the theater. Starring Pauly Shore and Faye Dunaway, let’s imagine this was made at the height of Shore’s stardom, and the, uh, middle of Dunaway’s. The sexual tension must be electric. 

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Hail To The Chimp from "Dumbbell Indemnity"

Hail to the Chimp
"That's what you get for not hailing to the chimp.". Fox, Screencap via Frinkiac

Of course, this is the classic “monkey in the White House” movie Homer watches while he waits to commit insurance fraud for Moe. What’s brilliant about it is the supporting actor seems to take it entirely seriously, criticizing the chimp’s economic plan. The chimp proceeds to beat the politician’s head. “That’s what you get for not hailing to the chimp.”