Fakie refers to riding a skateboard backwards from the way you would usually ride it. Usually, while skateboarding, the skater's back foot is on or near the tail of the skateboard. This helps to keep balance. When riding Fakie, the skater has his or her feet set up so that whatever foot is usually the back foot is now up near the nose. Riding a skateboard fakie often gets confused with riding a skateboard switch, as they look similar at a glance.

Though the name "Fakie" might sound like the skateboarder is trying to do something weak, tricks done while riding Fakie are a lot harder for most skateboarders.

Also Known As: Fakie Stance

Alternate Spellings: Fakey

Examples: "After riding up the ramp Josh didn't kickturn, instead he rode down the ramp fakie and kickfliped up onto the funbox."

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