5 Fall Activities for Elementary School

Bringing Autumn into the Classroom

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The autumn season is the most wonderful season of the year. The changing leave colors, apple picking, the fact that the holidays are right around the corner. This time of year is the perfect time to celebrate with fall activities for your classroom.

Celebrate the autumn season with the following five activities:

Autumn Crafts

The fall season is full of vibrant, colorful leaves which are perfect for creating projects with your students.

Here are a few fun activities that you can do with leaves:

  1. Go on a Leaf Hunt - As a class, take a walk around the school and have students gather leaves. As they are choosing the leaves have students try to identify them by matching them to a checklist of leaves they need to find.
  2. Leave Prints - Gather an abundance of leaves in different colors and sizes. Then have students choose at least five to ten leaves to create a leaf print picture. To create the picture have each student place a leave one at a time under a sheet of paper then gently color over the paper where the leaf is with a crayon. This is a fun, yet simple activity all children enjoy doing.

Thanksgiving Activities and Lessons

Go on a Field Trip

Field trips are a great hands-on way for students to learn about the autumn season. Here is a great idea of where to take your elementary students during the fall:

Pumpkin Patch - I am sure that the majority of students will already have gone to the pumpkin patch with their families, but I am also sure that they didn't take the time to really learn about pumpkins when they were there.

To make this trip fun, yet educational at the same time, make sure to teach the students important facts about harvest time.

Essential Information to Teach:

  • The life-cycle of a pumpkin
  • Weights and measures of a pumpkin
  • Colors and shapes of a pumpkin
  • Farming practices
  • The essentials of buying and selling pumpkins

    Have a Harvest Day Celebration

    Planning a harvest day party can be a great alternative to the traditional Halloween party. A few weeks before the party, send a note home for parents to sign up to volunteer and/or bring in food items for the celebration. Below you will find a few ideas on what foods to have and games to play.

    Party Games and Food:

    Halloween Party Ideas

    • Bobbing for apples
    • Donut eating contest
    • Guess how many candy corn in the jar
    • Painting pumpkins
    • Pumpkin bowling
    • Pumpkin cookies
    • Pumpkin pie
    • Pumpkin seeds
    • Apple cider
    • Carmel apples

    Create an Autumn Bulletin Board

    Creating a bulletin board display is a creative way to showcase your students work. Here you will find a few ideas on how to put together a vibrant, autumn bulletin board.

    Fall into Mrs.____ Class - For this display, use the leaf prints you created above, and place them around a tree stem that you can create out of brown colored paper. For an additional pop of color, place the leaves your students picked in the "Go on a leaf hunt" activity I mentioned earlier.

    Welcome to our Patch - To create this display you will first have to create a "pasta pumpkin." Have students paint elbow macaroni orange and shape into a pumpkin. They can also paint a few pieces black for the eyes and mouth, and green for the stem.

    To create the bulletin board, place each pasta pumpkin at the bottom of a paper tree trunk. Then you can add leaves to the tree and title it, "Welcome to our Patch."

    Creative Bulletin Board Ideas

    Stuff a Scarecrow Game

    For this activity, you must provide the following materials:

    Divide students into teams of two and have them line up for a relay race. The object of the game is for each student to take turns making one part of the scarecrow. To make it easy, have step by step directions on the front board on how to make the scarecrow. (Example: Step 1 - stuff the straw into the shirt, Step 2 - stuff the straw into the pants, and so on.)The first team to completely make their scarecrow and is back in line, wins!

    • a lot of straw
    • Flannel shirts
    • Overalls or blue jeans
    • Straw hats
    • Yarn
    • Small pumpkins with face drawn on them
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