10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Online Learning

Online learning offers several advantages to students.
Online learning offers several advantages to students. Hero Images / Getty Images

Online learning offers some advantages that you just can’t get from a traditional classroom. Here’s why many students are falling in love with distance education:

1. You can study whenever you want, whenever you want.

Forget about spending hours searching through your local college’s catalog, trying to find out if you’ll be able to find a major you like or take classes at a time that works for you. When you become an online student, you can choose just about any major and work on your degree whenever you please – even if that means you like to start your studies at 2:00 A.M.

2. It’s the best choice for digital nomads.

If you’ve ever daydreamed of traveling around the world from the seat of your Biochem course, online learning might be right for you. A growing number of digital nomads – people who live and work as they travel – are enrolling in online education programs. You don’t have to choose between adventure and a degree. With online learning, you can earn work on your degree in internet cafes while learning the Tango in Buenos Aires or practicing yoga in Chiang Mai.

3. Online classes can be taken around your job.

You may love your career. Or you may desperately need the paycheck your job provides. Either way, online classes can help you work towards a degree without the need to quit – and without the struggle of showing up for late night courses after a long day of work.

4. You get to meet professors and peers from around the world.

Expand your network by working alongside people from different places and cultures.

The connections you make as an online student can help when it comes to job-seeking as well. Graduates in your field may be able to help you get interviews with top-notch companies far outside of your home state.

5. Many online courses are industry-minded.

While it’s not true for all colleges, many schools choose to focus on helping students succeed in their professional field.

You may be able to learn from professors who are actively working (and have connections) in your profession, gain certifications that will look sharp on a resume, and complete assignments that feel relevant.

6. You can choose a school that works for your learning style.

Not every student learns in the same way. You may be able to absorb information best by reading, watching video lectures, completing assignments, or talking to peers about what you understand. With online learning, you can choose a college that specifically caters to your learning style.

7. Your options are expanded well beyond your ability to commute.

Before online learning, your options were limited to programs you could reach in about an hour by car. Now, your options include online colleges, professional development programs, and certificate options from anywhere that has an internet connection.

8. Studies show that online learning is just as effective (if not more effective) than traditional classroom learning.

Professors are sometimes concerned that online students aren’t learning enough. But, research shows that online students do just as well as traditional students. Sometimes, online learning is even more effective.

As an online student class material and discussions are always available for you to go back and review.

9. Online students pick up on technological skills that are often useful in the workplace.

Even if you aren’t majoring in computer science, it’s likely that you’ll need to be technologically proficient in order to succeed in your profession. Online classes can help. As a student, you’ll learn how to manage files, use common software programs, access multimedia, and more. File that under the “skills” section of your resume.

10. Online students develop lifelong learning habits.

Employers want to hire applicants that know how to learn independently. Luckily, online learning prepares you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, find the resources you need, and complete your work through self-discipline.

Your future boss will thank you.

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