Family Home Evening Game: Nephi's Boat

Family Home Evening Game: Nephi's Boat
FHE Game: Nephi's Boat (Now in Color!). Rachel Bruner
Object of the Game: Help Nephi build his boat by becoming the first person to achieve level 10.

Preparation: Print the following files. All pieces (except the board) will need to be cut out.

Nephi's Boat:
    Game Setup: Sit in a circle and place the board and shuffled cards in the middle. Players start at level 5 so give them one of the small circles of a boat with the number 5 in the sail. When players move up or down a level give them the corresponding boat piece. The game is played in rounds and at the beginning of each round a player receives the same number of cards as the number of their level. Ex: For the first round everyone receives 5 cards, in other rounds a person at level 7 receives 7 cards, etc.

    Directions: There are two ways of moving up a level. One, gain the most points and two, place the last set on the playing board, which completes the round. You gain points by placing sets of cards (boat building tools) on the playing board which has a place for two sets of three and two sets of four. Boat building tools include: axe, bellows, hammer, nails, rope, wood, ore/metal, and fire.

    Play happens simultaneously as players trade cards, one for one, two for two, etc. Players DO NOT say what cards they are trading but should hold them face down. Ex: One player says out loud that he has two cards to trade, another player agrees and they trade two cards while at the same time two other players agree to trade one card.

    When a player has a set (three or four of the same tool cards) they place them at any time onto a corresponding space on the board. The player earns three points for playing three cards or four points for playing four cards. The round ends after the last set is placed and the board is full. The points of each player are added up and the one who earned the most goes up a level as well as the person who placed the last set. Ex: Player 1 placed a set of three and earned three points, player 2 placed a set of four and a set of three earning seven points, player 3 didn't place any cards, and player 4 placed the last set of four earning four points. Player 2 moves up a level for the most points as does player 4 for placing the last set.

    After a player places a set or discards any cards (explained later) they can draw new cards from the deck until they have the same number of cards for the level they are on. Ex: A person at level 6 who played a set of three draws three cards to fill their hand back up to six cards. Once a set is played any extra cards for that set can be discarded and the player can draw new cards from the deck. Ex: Player 2 places on the board a set of three axes and player 4 places three ropes and one Liahona card (wild card) for a set of four. If someone has (or later draws) the fourth axe or rope cards they MUST discard them and draw new ones, they cannot be traded. When the deck of cards is gone play continues with the amount of cards in each player's hand until the round is over.

    Game Over: The game is finished when one (or more in the case of a tie) of the players reaches level 10.

    Special Cards: These cards have a symbol in the upper left corner of the card.
    1. Liahona: This is a wild card, which can be played as any of the boat building tools.

    2. Brass Plates: If you have one or more of these cards in your hand when the round ends you get to start the next round with an extra card- one per brass plates card. If at any time the player lays down a set or discards any cards they CANNOT pick up more cards then that of the level they are on. Ex: At the end of the round players 2 and 4 each have a brass plate card. Player 2 is at level 6, thus he starts the next round with 7 cards. Player 4 is at level 5, so she will start with 6 cards. Later when player 2 puts a set of three on the board he can only pick up two new cards to have 6 in his hand, he cannot pick up three cards since he's only on level 6.

    3. Murmuring: If you're caught with this card at the end of the round you go down a level, if applicable. The only way to get rid of this card is to either pass it to someone else or to discard it WITH the repentance card.

    4. Repentance: This card is used to discard the Murmuring card. If you have this card it's a good idea to hold onto it in case you need it. After discarding the two cards the player draws two new ones from the deck. The repentance card can only be discarded WITH the murmuring card, although it can be traded.

    1. If there's a tie when calculating points at the end of a round both players move up a level.
    2. When playing sets there is no particular order in which they have to be played.
    3. For nine or more players print extra copies of the cards to double the deck.
    4. For added sturdiness print the game pieces on cardstock and then laminate them.