Family History of Paranormal Events

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Matthew and his dad have many strange experiences with ghosts, weird creatures and demons

There have been many paranormal and supernatural experiences in my family. I will start out with my dad's stories from oldest to newest.

When my dad was young, about seven years old, he was camping in Missouri with his family, mother, father, sister, when a cowboy looking guy walked up to their camp and asked if he could warm up by the fire.

He spent about three hours talking and trading stories with everyone, he also had a white Lab dog with him.

All of a sudden he said he had to go, so he started walking away. My dad was about to ask if he would stay the night when the cowboy disappeared into the forest with his dog. Later, when the camping came to an end they asked about the man and his dog. As it turned out, They both died in a flood of the nearby river, years earlier.

Another story was in the early 1990s while my dad was skateboarding with his two friends, Tim and Ryan, they saw in the sky this huge cloud, but the thing was that it was shaped just like a Chinese dragon. Its eyes even reflected somehow, as if it was a real Chinese dragon in the middle of the Iowa sky, He said he could see his own reflection in the eyes of the white cloud-like dragon, a long snake-like body, with horns like a bull, and sharp claws like a raptor's talons, sharp cat-like teeth and even fish-like scales.

But the part that stood out was its oddly human-like reflecting eyes.

Now this next story about him doesn't take place in one period of time, but throughout most of his life as a kid. His bedroom was in an attic, and he says that the attic was haunted by a spirit of a loved one that every night would tuck him in while he was asleep, pulling blankets over him and putting his head on pillows.

Here are some of my experiences:

We used to have a dog named Megan, a black lab and sweetheart. When I was 11 and she was about 8, a table flew off the floor and hit her in the body -- a big wooden coffee table just flew at her. She was fine, but whatever did that, did not like dogs.

One day around 2011 I was hiking with my dad and sister at a park called Riverside in Iowa. I was standing there while my dad talked to my sister. I saw a large, dark figure poking out of the bushes. It had a big dark mane like a lion and a thick but oddly anteater-like face, dark black eyes and hooves. About a year later, in that same forest, I found hoof prints in the dirt, but it was as if it was left by something walking on its back legs.

One of the strangest stories happened around 2013, My dad was having a bad day, he owed rent he couldn't pay, so he was being sued by the bank, and from there on it just got worse. He punched a big hole in the wall out of rage. His hand was bleeding and he wiped it on the wall. Little did he know, he summoned a demon. The blood on the wall mixed with a rage far beyond normal summoned a strange wolf demon.

In his sleep, The demon attacked him. It had dark red eyes, fur as black as coal, a wolf's body, but it had strange human hands, white skin-colored human hands.

It talked to my dad and said it was older then the human race. When my dad woke up, he thought it could have been a dream, until he saw the giant hand-shaped bruises on his neck.

Those were the big paranormal things that happened, but there have been an uncountable amount of smaller paranormal happenings around my family like: Knocking on the door then nobody is there, even if a foot of snow has just dropped but no foot prints, random stuff falling over or falling off the wall, small dark masses moving across the floor, a floating female head outside my back door, taps coming from inside the wall, the sounds of whispering and other things.

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