Immediate Family Members in Mandarin

Immediate Family

Chinese Family at New Years
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Chinese families are strongly paternal and hierarchical. There is a title for every family relationship on both the mother's and father's side. This is a list of Mandarin Chinese names of immediate family members, and each entry is accompanied by an audio file for pronunciation and listening practice.


English: Father
Pinyin: bàba
Chinese: 爸爸

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English: Mother
Pinyin: māma
Traditional Chinese: 媽媽
Simplified Chinese: 妈妈

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Older Brother

English: Older brother
Pinyin: gēge
Chinese: 哥哥

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Younger Brother

English: Younger brother
Pinyin: dìdi
Chinese: 弟弟

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Older Sister

English: Older sister
Pinyin: jiě jie
Chinese: 姐姐

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Younger Sister

English: Younger sister
Pinyin: mèi mei
Chinese: 妹妹

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English: Son
Pinyin: ér zi
Traditional Chinese: 兒子
Simplified Chinese: 儿子

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English: Daughter
Pinyin: nǚ ér
Traditional Chinese: 女兒
Simplified Chinese: 女儿

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