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Graham Durant, John Emmett and Charon Ganellin co-invented Tagamet. Tagamet inhibits the production of stomach acid.


The history of tampons.

Tape Recorders

In 1934/35, Begun built the world's first tape recorder used for broadcasting.

Tattoo Related

Samuel O'Reilly and the history of inventions related to tattoos.


The name taxicab usually abbreviated to taxi came from the taximeter an old instrument which measured the distance travelled.

Tea Related

The history of tea, tea bags, tea drinking customs and more.

Teddy Bear

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, is the person responsible for giving the teddy bear his name.


Roy Plunkett invented tetrafluoroethylene polymers or Teflon.

Tekno Bubbles

Tekno Bubbles are a rave innovative variation on the old blowing bubbles, but these bubbles glow under black lights and can smell like raspberries.


Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. The general history of telegraphy. Optical Telegraph


Examples of telemetry are the tracking of the movements of wild animals that have been tagged with radio transmitters, or the transmitting of meteorological data from weather balloons to weather stations.


The history of the the telephone and telephone related devices. Telephone - First Patent For

Telephone Switching System

Erna Hoover invented the computerized telephone switching system.


A spectacle maker probably assembled the first telescope. Hans Lippershey of Holland is often credited with the invention of the telescope, but he almost certainly was not the first person to make one.


The history of television - color television, satellite broadcasts, remote controls and other television related inventions. Also See - Television (Books On), Television Timeline

Tennis Related

In 1873, Walter Wingfield invented a game called Sphairistikè (Greek for "playing ball) which evolved into modern outdoor tennis.

Tesla Coil

Invented in 1891 by Nikola Tesla, the Tesla coil is still used in radio and television sets and other electronic equipment.


Lloyd Conover invented the antibiotic tetracycline, which became the most prescribed broad spectrum antibiotic in the United States.

Theme Park Related

The history behind circus, theme park, and carnival inventions including roller coasters, carousels, ferris wheels, trampoline and more.


The first thermometers were called thermoscopes. In 1724, Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury thermometer, the modern thermometer.


Sir James Dewar was the inventor of the Dewar flask, the first thermos.


Many fashion historians believe that the thong first appeared in the 1939 World's Fair.

Tidal Plants

The rise and fall of the sea level can power electric-generating equipment.

Timekeeping Related

The history of timekeeping innovations and time measurement.


Henry Timken received a patent for the Timken or tapered roller bearings.

Tinkertoy Construction Sets

Charles Pajeau invented tinkertoy construction sets, a toy construction set for children.


The history of tires.


The best thing since sliced bread, but actually invented before sliced bread.

Tobacco Related

A history of the use of tobacco and the invention of tobacco related innovations.

Toilets, Toilet Paper

The history of toilets and plumbing.

Tombstone Related

Patents of tombstones

Tom Thumb Locomotive

The history of the inventor of the Tom Thumb locomotive and Jello.


The history behind several common household tools.


Who invented false teeth, dentistry, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpicks and dental floss.

Totalizator Automatic

The automatic totalizator is a system that totals the investments on runners, horses, betting pools and pays out dividends; invented by Sir George Julius in 1913.

Touch Screen Technology

The touch screen is one of the easiest to use and most intuitive of all PC interfaces, making it the interface of choice for a wide variety of applications.


The history behind several toy inventions - including how some toys were invented, how others got their names and how famous toy companies began.


A history of tractors, bulldozers, forklifts and related machinery. Also See - Famous Farm Tractors

Traffic Signals (General)

The world's first traffic lights were installed near London's House of Commons in 1868.

Traffic Signal (Morgan)

Garrett Morgan patented a hand-cranked traffic management device.


The prototype trampoline apparatus was built by George Nissen, an American circus acrobat and Olympic


The transistor was an influential little invention that changed the course of history in a big way for computers and electronics. See Also - Definition


The history and timeline of different transportation innovations - cars, bikes, planes, and more.


The king of instant messengers.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit was invented by Canadians Chris Haney and Scott Abbott.


The trumpet has evolved more than any other instrument known to modern day society.

TTY, TDD or Tele-Typewriter

The history of TTY.

Tungsten Wire

The history of tungsten wire used in lightbulbs.


Tupperware was invented by Earl Tupper.


The tuxedo was invented by Pierre Lorillard of New York City.

TV Dinners

Gerry Thomas is the man who invented both the product and the name of the Swanson TV Dinner


The first practical typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes. The history of the typewriter's keys (QWERTY), early typewriters and typing history.

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