Famous People for Biography Topics

Are you looking for an interesting person to write about? You'll find that the more you are intrigued or inspired by your subject, the more time you'll give to this assignment.

Helpful articles for your biography include:

  • How to Write an Interesting Biography
  • Research Tips for Your Biography
  • Controversial Biography Subjects

    This list may inspire you. Try to find a biography subject you enjoy reading about!

    Albert Einstein (scientist)

    Alexander Fleming (scientist)

    Alexander Graham Bell (inventor)

    Alexander the Great (leader)

    Amelia Earhart (aviation)

    Anne Frank (Holocaust)

    Benjamin Franklin (Founding Father)

    Betty Ford (inspirational)

    Carl Sagan (scientist)

    Charles Lindbergh (aviation)

    Clarence Birdseye (inventor)

    Eli Whitney (inventor)

    Elie Wiesel (Holocaust)

    Frank Lloyd Wright (architect)

    George Eastman (inventor)

    George Washington Carver (agricultural chemist)

    Henry Ford (industrialist)

    Isaac Newton (scientist)

    Jacques Cousteau (explorer)

    Jane Goodall (anthropologist)

    Johann Gutenberg (inventor)

    John Deere (inventor)

    John F. Kennedy (political leader)

    John James Audubon (nature)

    Jonas Salk (scientist, inventor)

    Karl Benz (inventor)

    Leonardo da Vinci (scientist and artist)

    Lewis Braille (inventor)

    Margaret Mead (anthropologist)

    Marie Curie (physicist and chemist)

    Martin Luther King, Jr. (civil rights)

    Medgar Evers (civil rights)

    Mohandas Gandhi (political leader)

    Mother Teresa (Nobel Prize winner)

    Nelson Mandela (political leader)

    Patrick Henry (Founding Father)

    Rachel Carson (conservationist)

    Robert Goddard (physicist and inventor)

    Rosa Parks (civil rights)

    Samuel Morse (inventor)

    Sandra Day O'Connor (political leader)

    Stephen Hawking (scientist)

    Susan B. Anthony (famous women)

    Thomas Edison (inventor)

    W.E.B. Dubois (civil rights)

    Wright Brothers (inventors)

    Winston Churchill (political leader)

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