Learn Fast Facts About the Olympian Gods

List of the Top Greek Gods and Goddesses

The Olympians were the inter-related top gods and goddesses of Greek mythology—the powerful, philandering king and his justly jealous sister-wife-queen, their kids and siblings.


Aphrodite sculpture at the Louvre Museum
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Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The greatest beauty among the immortals was married to the lame blacksmith god, Hephaestus. Aphrodite was said to have been born from the sea foam, but in other accounts, Zeus is her father


Apollo Served by the Nymphs by Francois Girardon
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Apollo was the brother of Artemis (both children of Zeus), the god of music, poetry, prophecy, and plague. In late classical antiquity, he became the sun god.


God of War Ares (Mars)
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Ares was the god of war. He is usually cited as the son of Zeus and Hera.


Artemis-Diana of Versailles Sculpture
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Artemis is the sister of Apollo. She was a virgin hunter goddess who became associated with the moon


Sculpture of Athena in Athens
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Athena was the goddess of wisdom. She was also a goddess of warfare, especially strategy, for which reason she is helmeted. She was born from the head of her father, Zeus.


Demeter temple
Temple of Demeter on Naxos Island. pavlemarjanovic / Getty Images

Demeter was the goddess of the grain and the mother of Persephone, the maiden whom the king of the Underworld abducted. She is associated with the seasons and mystery cults.


Close up of Dionysus on an urn
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Dionysus was twice born, once from Zeus' thigh. He was the god of wine and mad revelry.


Orpheus performing for Hades and Persephone
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Hades was one of the big three brother gods, along with Zeus and Poseidon. His dominion was the Underworld. He abducted the maiden Persephone, daughter of his sister Demeter, to be his bride.


Temple to Hephaestus in Athens
Temple to Hephaestus in Athens. arte_alexandru / Getty Images

Hephaestus, son of the goddess Hera, was the lame blacksmith god, who worked in a forge, but was married to Aphrodite.


Juno bathing or Juno attired by Graces, by Andrea Appiani (1754-1817), oil on canvas, 100x142 cm
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.Hera was the queen of the gods and the sister and wife of Zeus the king. She was a jealous goddess and the goddess of marriage.Read more about Hera


Hermes statue
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Hermes became the messenger god. He is shown with a staff with snake and winged heels.


Copper plate etching showing Hestia
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Hestia, a sister of the older generation including Zeus, Poesidon, and Hera, was the goddess of the hearth. She was a homebody who did not take an active part in the lives of heroes described in Greek mythology.


Poseidon fountain in Berlin
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Poseidon was one of the big three males, along with Zeus and Hades. Poseidon's dominion was the sea. As sea god he carried a trident. He was also connected with horses.


Statue of Zeus in Greece
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Zeus was the king of the gods. His dominion was the sky and he held a thunderbolt. He is listed as the father of many of the Greek heroes.