How to Say Father in Russian

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The most popular way to say father in Russian is папа (PApa) but there are several other words you can use instead, depending on the context of the sentence and on the social setting. Below are ten ways to say father in Russian, with pronunciation and examples.

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Pronunciation: PApa

Translation: Dad, father

Meaning: Dad

This is the most common way to say father in Russian and is suitable for most social settings, from formal to informal. The word carries a neutral to affectionate meaning.

The word папа is also used in the expression папа римский (PApa REEMski), meaning the pope.


- Папа, во сколько ты приедешь? (PApa, va SKOL'ka ty priYEdesh?)
- Dad, what time will you get here?

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Pronunciation: aTYETS

Translation: Father

Meaning: Father

Отец carries a neutral to formal meaning and is not used as a form of address as widely as the more affectionate папа. However, it can be heard in everyday conversation when referring to someone's father or in sentences that include the word father. Additionally, grown-up or teenage sons are often heard addressing their father as отец.


- Вечером они провожали отца в командировку (VYEcheram aNEE pravaZHAlee atTSA fkamandiROFkoo).
- In the evening, they were seeing their father off on a business trip.

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Pronunciation: PApachka

Translation: Daddy

Meaning: Daddy

Папочка is an affectionate form of address and means daddy or dear daddy. It is suitable for informal settings. When not used as a form of address, папочка can acquire an ironic meaning.

Example 1:

- Папочка, как ты себя чувствуешь? (PApachka, kak ty syBYA CHOOSTvooyesh?)
- Daddy, how are you feeling?

Example 2 (ironic):

- Привела своего папочку, чтобы он порядок тут навёл. (privyLA svayeVO PApachkoo, SHTOby on paRYAdak toot naVYOL).
- She brought her Daddy, hoping that he'd quickly get this sorted.

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Pronunciation: paPAsha

Translation: Father

Meaning: Dad, Daddy, Papa

Similar in its meaning to папа, the word папаша is not commonly used as a form of address anymore but can still be heard when referring to a dad in a conversation. It carries the same meaning as the word papa in such expressions as Papa John's.

Additionally, you might sometimes hear the word папаша as a form of address towards an elderly man.


- Папаша, вы не беспокойтесь. (paPAsha, vy nye byspaKOItes')
- Try not to worry, Sir.

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Pronunciation: paPOOlya

Translation: Daddy

Meaning: Daddy

A very affectionate form of папа, папуля is used in informal conversation as a form of address. It means daddy.


- Ой, привет, папуля (oi, priVYET, paPOOlya).
- Oh, hi Daddy.

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Pronunciation: PAPka

Translation: Pop

Meaning: Poppa, Pop, Daddy

An informal and affectionate word, папка is often used when describing something that a dad has done particularly well.


- Ай да папка, ай да молодец! (ai da PAPka, ai da malaDYETS!)
- That's some dad, what a superhero!

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Pronunciation: pap

Translation: Dad

Meaning: Da, Dad

A shortened form of папа, пап can only be used to address dad directly and not as a standalone word.


- Пап, ну ты долго ещё? (pap, noo ty DOLga yeSHOO?)
- Dad, will you be long?

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Pronunciation: BAtya

Translation: Father

Meaning: Father, Dad

The word батя is related to the Slavic word брат, meaning brother, and was originally used as an affectionate form of address for any male relative. In some Slavic languages, including Russian, it eventually took on the meaning of "father."

Батя is an informal word and can be used both as an affectionate form of address and when referring to a dad.


- Батя скоро должен приехать. (BAtya SKOra DOLzhen priYEhat)
- Dad should be here soon.

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Pronunciation: PApik

Translation: Daddy

Meaning: Daddy

Although the word папик is an affectionate form of папа, in contemporary Russian it is most often used in an ironic way, for example when talking about a "sugar daddy" or to mean a rich daddy.


- Там у каждого по папику сидит (tam oo KAZHdava pa PApikoo siDEET)
- Everyone has a rich daddy there.

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Pronunciation: BAtyushka

Translation: Daddy

Meaning: Daddy

Батюшка is an archaic word for dad or father and you will most likely come across it when reading classic Russian literature. The other meanings of the word include a familiar form of address towards a male in a conversation and the name for a Russian orthodox priest.

It is also part of a popular idiom that conveys surprise or fear:

Батюшки мои! (BAtyushki maYEE)

Translation: my fathers!

Meaning: oh my god!

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