Father's Day Activities and Crafts

Ideas for Your Elementary School Class

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Father's Day is celebrated every third Sunday in the month of June. This is a time for your students to honor their fathers or father-figures. When it comes to celebrating this holiday, teach your students about the background of Father's Day. Read them books about great dad's and give them the opportunity to express their creativity by having them create personal and practical gifts their dads will love.

Use the following Father's Day activities and ideas in your elementary school classroom.

Cool Crafts

The best gift a dad can get from their child is a gift that is handmade. By having each student hand craft and personalize their gift, their dad will appreciate it even more than that necktie he's used to getting.

Handprint Tree

A simple and easy craft for kindergarteners is to make a handprint tree. Simply have each student paint their hand in different colored green paint and use it as a stamp to create leaves on a tree. First draw a brown tree trunk on white paper, then stamp handprints for the leaves. Write "Happy Father's Day" on the bottom of the page and the year. To make it even more special, add a border, frame, or have students decorate the tree with craft supplies.

Photo Cube

This craft is for all ages. First send a note home a week or so before Father's Day to ask the family to send in a few pictures of the student and male figure that the student will be making the project for.

Once all the pictures are in, have students create a cube out of cardboard, wood, foam or whichever material you like. Then have students place photos on each side using double sided tape or glue.

I Love You Placemat

Have students create a personalized place mat for their dad. Set out a variety of arts and crafts supplies and let the students' imaginations run wild.

First brainstorm some ideas to help the students get their creative juices flowing. Suggest ideas such as cutting out pictures of their father's favorite things from a magazine or newspaper, bringing in a favorite photo, using his favorite color marker, etc. Once their placemat is complete have it laminated. Tell the students that every time their dad sits down for a meal they will think of them!

Books and Cards

Books are a great way for young readers to express their love and appreciation for their dad. Have students create their own book or read them a few books that feature a dad in the story. A handmade personal card is another great way for your students to show off their creativity and honor their father.

Me and My Dad

Have students create and personalize a book titled, "Just Me and My Dad." Have the students write and answer the following sentences:

Me and My Dad like to eat…
Me and My Dad like to play…
Me and My Dad like to go…
Me and My Dad like to watch…

On the last page of the book have students place a photograph of themselves with their father and write, "I love you Dad."

Homemade Cards

Every father loves to get a personalized card from their child. Browse through these homemade card ideas to get a little inspiration or printout the directions and help your students create a card of their own.

Pop Up Book

Instead of having students create a Father's Day card, try having them write and create their very own pop-up book. All you need is Card stock, whole punch, stickers, markers, glue and string. As a class, brainstorm ideas about past memorable moments they have had with their dad or things they would like to do in the future.

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