Faults and Fixes Tip Sheets

Checklists for Diagnosing Common Ball Flight Problems and Mishits in Golf

Topped Shot - Small
The top shot is one of the common mishits included in the Faults and Fixes Tip Sheets. Illustration by William Glessner

Our Faults and Fixes Tip Sheets, written by noted instructor Roger Gunn, provide quick checklists to help you diagnose the causes of errant ball flights or common mishits.

Ball Flight Faults and Fixes

These Ball Flight Tip Sheets cover several errant flight patterns (curving right, curving left, etc.), plus provide info on how to accomplish a couple flights that are often beneficial.
    The following two ball flights are often played intentionally by better players:

    Mishit Faults and Fixes

    These Mishit Tip Sheets help diagnose the underlying problems that can lead to faulty contact with the ball.About the Author
    Roger Gunn is the Director of Instruction at Tierra Rejada Golf Club in Southern California. Information about his video instructional series, Golf Levels, can be found at www.golflevels.com, and some free video samples can be viewed at www.golflevels.com/videos.php. Roger was an All-American at UCLA, played professionally on the European Tour and Nike Tour, and has a competitive low round of 63. His PGA Tour clients have included Tom Lehman and Steve Pate, among others, and he works with many celebrities such as Will Smith and Kenny G.
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