Favorite Figure Skating Boots and Blades

Certain figure skating boots and blades are used and purchased by figure skaters of all levels. This is a list of some favorite brands of figure skates.

Jackson Figure Skates

Figure Skates
Figure Skates. Photo by David Madison - Getty Images
Jackson Skates are a favorite for figure skaters of all levels. The price of Jackson Skates is reasonable and there are so many different models to choose from.

Riedell Skating Boots

Riedell skating boots are popular among ice skaters and coaches. Several models are available that fit the needs of beginning to advanced figure skaters. Reidell manufactures stock, semi-custom or custom figure skating boots.


An ice skater can't go wrong if he or she purchases a Harlick boot. Both custom and stock boots are available.

GAM Skates

GAM offers beginner level skates that are an all leather boot combined with heat molding capability. All boots come with a padded lining. Excellent boot and blade combinations are available. Custom boots are available for the advanced figure skater and all blades are designed to fit the appropriate skating level of a skater.

Canadian Men's Silver Medalist and world competitor, Christopher Mabee, wears GAM boots and blades. Two-Time U.S. Olympic Team Coach, Audrey Weisiger, recommends GAM boots and blades to many of her students.

MK Blades

MK blades are the most popular blades purhased by figure skaters. There is a variety of different types of blades available to suit the needs of all skaters.

John Wilson Skates

John Wilson Skates are the premier blade choice for top figure skaters. The price of John Wilson blades is usually higher than MK blades.


SP-Teri boots are considered to be by many as the best fitting boots available.