Five Feature Stories You Can Do in Your Hometown

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So you're interested in writing feature stories but are stumped for ideas? Here are five easy feature stories that you can do in your hometown.

1. Profile - Interview a prominent or interesting or interesting person in your community and write a profile of them. Possible profile subjects could include the mayor, a judge, a musician or writer, a military veteran, a professor or teacher, a small business owner or even a local journalists.

Hint: The most interesting profiles are most often about people who do something interesting with their lives. So find someone who fits that criteria.

2. Live-in - Arrange to spend some time at a local homeless shelter, hospital emergency room, nursing home, newspaper or radio/TV station, police precinct or courthouse. Write an article about the rhythms of the place and the people who work there.

3. News Feature - Talk to people about important trends in your community and write a news feature on one of those developments. Possible ideas: Are small business struggling because of the economy? Is the local courthouse backlogged with too many cases? Are the local schools having to cut things like art classes or sports due to budget cuts? Remember, the best way to uncover these kinds of trends is to talk to people who are heavily involved with the community.

4. Spot Feature - Cover an event in your community and write a story on deadline about it.

Ideas could include the opening of an art exhibit, a talk by a visiting lecturer or expert, a charity event like a fundraising run, a parade, and so on.

5. Review - Attend the production of a local concert, play or other cultural event and write a review. Or interview the musicians or actors involved and write a story about them.

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