Why Fedor Emelianenko Signing With the UFC Makes Sense

Fedor poses at the weigh in before taking on Brett Rogers. Esther Lin/Strikeforce

When heavyweight MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko recently announced that he would be coming out of retirement, the internet instantly began buzzing.  Beyond being the former longtime PRIDE Heavyweight Champion and just about everyone's best heavyweight fighter of all-time, the fact that Fedor had never been signed by the greatest mixed martial arts organization on the planet (the UFC) had people wondering if it just might happen this time.

 Then came an article at MMAMania, which referenced an unverified social media account with a mock Instagram picture of Fedor under a UFC banner with the word "Скоро" (meaning 'soon') written at the top of it.  Why does this unverified account even make us look twice (emelianenko_MMA)?  Simply because one of the first comments was from UFC President Dana White.  The comment was simply a wink.

And when you think about the fact that Bellator's Scott Coker recently indicated that they were no longer in the running for Fedor, one can't help but get a bit stoked about this one.

If Fedor is coming to the UFC, he is finally making sense.  After all, if he were to sign with WSOF (World Series of Fighting), he would be taking on literally no one that would boost his name.  If he were to sign with Bellator, there would be decent heavyweights he could tussle with, but absolutely no one that would pull at the heart strings.

 In other words, no connections to Fedor's past or missed past.  Maybe Bobby Lashley would have been an interesting bout, but that's it.

In the UFC, we're talking about the following potential rematches.

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic: Fedor won the first fight.  That said, this was perhaps the biggest MMA heavyweight battle in history, and former PRIDE Fighting fans would be chomping at the bit for a second battle.

Fabricio Werdum: The current UFC Heavyweight Champion defeated Fedor for the first time in nearly 10 years back in 2010.  Fedor made a mistake on the ground that cost him.  This fight would be enormous, if it were to come to fruition.

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva: He lost his second straight encounter to Silva (after dropping one to Werdum).  Revenge would be great for the Russian fighter.

Dan Henderson: Still have trouble believing he lost to a light heavyweight/middleweight in Henderson.  Then again, no matter the weight, few hit as hard as Hendo.  Could be interesting.

Josh Barnett: Their first scheduled fight never took place in Affliction, causing the end of the organization.  It could now actually come true.

Frank Mir: One of the greatest submission fighters of all-time vs. one of the greatest fighters of all-time.  What's better than that?

By the way, for those who don't know why Fedor is such a great potential signing, check out this list of some of his accomplishments below.  

1) Fedor is widely considered to be the greatest heavyweight MMA fighter of all-time.  According to the About.com Top 15 MMA Fighters of All-Time list, he is number 2 (Top 15 MMA Fighters of All-Time).

2) He was the former longtime PRIDE Heavyweight Champion, holding that title from March 16, 2003 until the organization folded in 2007.


3) He started his career with a whopping 31-1 (1 no contest) record.

4) He was the inaugural WAMMA Heavyweight Champion.

5) He won the World Combat Sambo Championships on four separate occasions. In addition, he won gold at the Russian Combat Sambo Championship in 2009. His three victories through the quarter, semifinal, and final matches of this 2009 victory lasted a combined one minute total.

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