12 Feel-Good Websites That Will Put A Smile On Your face

Life is hard! Sometimes you just want to smile, and these sites can help.

Sometimes it seems like everywhere you look, everything is awful. On those days we all need a little reminder that the world isn't a horrible place, people are generally good, and adorable fuzzy animals exist. The following twelve sites all do their part to bring some serious sunshine into the lives of their readers. Read them whenever you need a mental boost, which let's face it, is pretty much every day. 

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22 Words

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If you haven't bookmarked 22 Words yet, what are you waiting for? This site has it all, blending the serious with the silly to bring you the "crazy, curious, and comical side of the web."

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Imgur is a photo sharing site that was originally intended to be a server to hold pictures from Reddit. Yet over the past few years, Imgur has evolved into a site that stands on its own, as well as a site that hosts one of the kindest, friendliest communities on the internet today.

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I Can Haz Cheezburger?

Courtesy: I Can Haz Cheezburger?.

Their site motto is, "LOLcats 'N Funny Pictures," and that's exactly what you'll find on this iconic internet mainstay. This is the site that inspired an entire network of funny blogs, from Memebase to Fail Blog.

You won't find breaking news here, but you also won't find any hard life truths or anything negative or nasty. What you get are funny pictures and gifs, and videos of all of your furry friends. It's innocent fun, and as my vegetarian friend Mo used to say when she'd talk about her cooking, "Nobody got hurt."

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Via Guff.com.

Guff is a website that collects viral content from around the web. They aim to be both funny and informative, and a quick scan of their page proves that they succeed in that mission every day. Check this site out -- you won't be sorry. 

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Courtesy: Pleated-Jeans.

Created, written, and maintained by writer Jeff Wysaski, Pleated-Jeans is a blog that collects the funniest images, videos, webcomics, and more in one place. Visiting this site feels like a mental vacation. The Pleated-jeans motto is "No Filler, Just Funny," and that's exactly what you'll find.

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Sunny Skyz

Via Sunny Skyz.

Launched in 2012, Sunny Skyz came about solely for the purpose of promoting positive stories and upbeat media. This site is what happens if you put all of the day's news stories into a sieve, and all of the heavy stories were sifted out. All that remains is the smile-inducing feel-good stories that instantly change your outlook. 

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George Takei's Facebook Page

Courtesy: George Takei.

There is a reason that over three million people "like" George Takei's Facebook page, and here it is: He's funny, he's wry, he posts the very best, newest, funniest images, and his sense of humor is always kind, never mean-spirited. 

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Courtesy: College Humor.

College Humor is not just for kids and young adults, I promise. This site features daily comedy videos, image galleries, and funny articles. They feature bizarre and unusual photographs, quirky articles, and other fun stuff that does not require a lot of mental heavy-lifting. In today's world, that is a very good thing. 

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Huffington Post Good News

Via Huffpost Good News.

Huffpost Good News gathers all of the positive news stories in one place. Sometimes it's kind of nice to read the news without all that death and murder stuff, isn't it?

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1000 Awesome Things

Via 1000 Awesome Things.

This simple blog started when writer Neil Pasricha decided to start counting down the very simple, everyday things that he observed and decided were "awesome." Instead of focusing on the negative, he simply started listing the awesome things that happen throughout an average day.

The blog became such a success that he has published three books around the same theme. Awesome, indeed! 

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Funny Or Die

Courtesy: Funny or Die.

Don't let the title fool you, this site has nothing to do with death. Founded in 2007 by actor Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's production company, Gary Sanchez Productions, the site features a daily mix of original and user-generated content. If you're looking for parodies about recent events, this is a good place to check first. It's not that they don't cover world events in their own way, they just make fun of them with spoof videos, images, and more.

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Via Smosh.com.

 When we say that Smosh contains nothing but mindless internet comedy, we actually mean it as a compliment. The site was created by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox in 2002, and today it features a steady stream of silly, funny, and sometimes raunchy posts. They cover most web trends and memes, create funny lists of things like "Weirdest Tumblr Blogs" and 'Things You Probably Hate But Will Love When You're An Adult," and they generally keep things light and goofy. More »