Female Criminals, Murderers, Rapists, Kidnappers and Thieves A - Z

An Alphabetical List of Female Criminals Profiled on Crime & Punishment

Jury Hears Closing Arguments In Andrea Yates Trial
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Brenda Andrew​
Classification: Murderer / Mariticide

Andrew is on death row in Oklahoma after being convicted of killing her husband for insurance money.

Susan "Sadie May Glutz" Atkins
Classification: Murderer / Torture

Susan "Sadie" Atkins is a former member of the Charles Manson family. She swore before a Grand Jury, that under the direction of Charlie Manson, she stabbed actress Sharon Tate.

Velma Margie Barfield
Classification: Serial Killer / Parricide / Mariticide

Velma Barfield was dubbed "Death Row Granny" but she was anything but nurturing. Addicted to drugs, first, she would steal money from family members, then kill them to hide her thievery.

Suzanne Basso
Classification: Murderer / Kidnapping / Torture

Basso kidnapped a 59-year old retarded man and brutally beat him with various items resulting in his death.

Kenisha Berry
Classification: Murderer / Infanticide

On November 29, 1998, Berry put duct tape across the mouth of her 4-day-old baby boy, put him into a plastic bag and left his body in a dumpster. He suffocated to death.

Linda Carty
Classification: Murderer / Kidnapping

Carty hogtied a woman who had a three-day-old baby, taped a bag over her head and suffocated her.

Lynette Alice "Squeaky" Fromme
Classification: Attempted Assassination

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme became the voice of the cult leader, Charlie Manson when he was sent to prison. She also pointed a gun at President Ford, for which she is now serving a life sentence.

Cathy Lynn Henderson
Classification: Murderer / Kidnapping

Henderson was convicted of the abduction and murder of a 3-month-old baby boy she was babysitting.

Brittany Holberg
Classification: Murderer / Robbery / Prostitution

Holberg robbed and murdered an 80-year-old man, striking him with a hammer and stabbing him nearly 60 times.

Karla Homolka
Classification: Serial Killer / Rape / Torture / Fratricide

Homolka, one of Canada's most horrific female convicts, has been released from prison after serving a 12-year sentence for her involvement in drugging, raping, torturing and killing young girls over a decade ago. The dead teens included her own young sister who she was offered to her boyfriend as a gift.

Stacey Lannert
Classification: Murderer / Parricide

On July 4, 1990, Stacey Ann Lannert, age 18, shot and killed her father, Tom Lannert, as he lay sleeping in the family's St. John, Missouri, home. In her statement to the police, Stacey claimed that her father had sexually abused her. She was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Angela McAnulty
Classification: Murderer / Prolicide
/ Torture
Angela McAnulty pleaded guilty to the torture, starvation, and murder of her 14-year-old daughter.

Kimberly McCarthy
Classification: Murderer 

McCarthy stabbed a 70-year-old woman repeatedly resulting in her death.

Blanche Moore
Classification: Serial Killer

Moore had a bad habit of poisoning the men in her life with arsenic. She is currently on death row for killing a boyfriend.

Frances Elaine Newton
Classification: Murderer /
Newton shot and killed her husband, her seven-year-old son and her 21-month-old daughter for insurance money.

Darci Pierce
Classification: Murderer / Fetus Theft

Darcie Pierce lied to her family and friend about being pregnant. When it came time for her to have her pretend baby, she murdered a pregnant woman and took her unborn child.

Darlie Routier
Classification: Murderer /
Darlie Routier sits on death row in Texas for the murder of her children. Many questions have come up since her trial. Was she railroaded? You decide.

Felecia Scott
Classification: Murderer / Fetus Theft

Felecia Scott thought having a baby with her new boyfriend would help seal the relationship, but she couldn't get pregnant. Her solution? Murder a pregnant woman and steal her baby.

Erica Sheppard
Classification: Murderer / Robbery

Sheppard wanted her victim's car, so she slashed her throat with a knife five times and beat her with a statue.

Christina S. Walters
Classification: Murderer / Gang Related

As part of a gang-initiation, Walters randomly selected three teenage girls and shot them. Two of the girls died, one survived.

Jacqueline Williams
Classification: Murderer / Theft of Unborn Child

Williams, along with two others, murdered Debra Evans to steal her unborn child and subsequently killed one of her older children.

Andrea Yates
Classification: H
omicide  / Prolicide
A profile of Andrea Yates, her life, her marriage to Rusty Yates, and the tragic events that led up to her drowning her five children.

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