Fetal Abduction: The Carethia Curry Case

A young woman lives 12 hours after her baby is ripped from her womb.

Frederic Polion and Felicia Scott
Frederic Polion and Felicia Scott. Mug Shots

Carethia Curry, 17 and pregnant, had no reason to suspect that her new friend, who was also pregnant, had devised a cold-blooded plan to kill her and steal her unborn child from her womb.

Felicia Scott and Frederic Polion

In 1995, Felicia Scott of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was 29, the mother of two boys and living with her new boyfriend Frederic Polion. Scott was insecure in the relationship and convinced that the only way to keep Polion happy was by the two of them having a baby together.

In the fall of 1995, she announced to Polion, friends, and family that she was pregnant, but there was a problem that only a few in her family knew about. Scott could not get pregnant because, in 1994, she underwent a hysterectomy.

An Instant Bond

Around the same time that Scott announced her pregnancy, she befriended 17-year-old Carethia Curry who was also pregnant. A trust grew between the two women who spent a lot of time together shopping in children's departments in stores, and sharing expectant mother stories as their due dates grew closer.

On January 31, 1996, Curry, her mother Carolyn O'Neal, and Scott spent the day together. After shopping, Curry's mother returned home and Curry, then nine months pregnant, accepted Scott's invitation to go eat pizza and then visit for a while at Scott's home.

The Murder

As planned, Scott and Curry went for pizza and then to Scott's apartment, but once inside, instead of enjoying a casual conversation, Scott pulled out a gun and shot her pregnant friend twice in the head.

The bullets lodged in Curry's head did not kill her instantly, but that did not stop Scott from taking a knife and cutting Curry down the entire length of her torso. Once she was cut open, Scott removed the fetus, then pushed the dying mother's body into a garbage can and taped it shut.

Frederic Polion Lends a Hand

When Polion returned to the apartment Scott told him she had just given birth there and had put all the blood-soiled linens in the trash can. She asked him to get rid of it. He claims that he did as asked, going out of his way to a deep ravine right out of town to dispose of it. According to Polion, he never looked or questioned the weight of what was in the garbage can, but merely pushed it into the ravine. In the meantime, Scott took the infant to a hospital in Birmingham and managed to get papers declaring that she was the mother.

The Search for Carethia

Carolyn O'Neal began to worry when Curry failed to return home. At around 2 a.m. she called Scott's home and Polion answered the phone. She asked him where Curry was and he said that he did not know. At around 5 a.m., Scott called O'Neal and told her that she had dropped Curry off at home at around 8:30 p.m, after having pizza.

Suspecting that something was amiss, O'Neal asked Scott directly, what had she done with her daughter. Scott avoided answering and instead began explaining that she had been in Birmingham having her baby and that she was sent home because she did not have insurance. O'Neal did not believe her and she contacted the police to report that her daughter had been kidnapped by Scott and Polion.

When O'Neal learned that Scott had actually "come home" with the baby, she called the police and told them that she believed that Scott had her daughter's baby.

The next day the police questioned Scott about the whereabouts of Curry. Then they questioned her about her infant, and she quickly produced the paperwork that listed her name as the mother. For the time being, Scott was safe.

More Lies

In early February, Scott went to visit her father and made up another story about how she had ended up with the baby. She said the police had stopped a car that she and a friend were riding in and that she fainted. When she awoke, the friend and police were gone, but next to her on the seat was a baby. Her father did not believe the story and was about to ask her to leave when the police arrived and arrested Scott.

Carethia Curry is Found

On March 14, 1996, Curry's body was found at the bottom of the ravine. Evidence, including blood in Polion's truck, convinced prosecutors that the murder was not something Scott accomplished alone. Scott and Polion were charged with kidnapping and murder.

The Trials

Polion stood by his original statement that he knew nothing of the murder. He was found guilty of kidnapping and was acquitted on the murder charges and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Scott blamed Polion for the murder, saying she only went along with it because she feared for her own life. She was found guilty of all charges and given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Autopsy Report

It was determined through an autopsy that Carethia Curry lived approximately 12 hours after being shot, sliced opened, and her baby torn from her body.

The Baby

Carethia's baby girl miraculously survived the ordeal and was eventually returned to her natural father.

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