Field Trip Rules

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Field trip days are often the best days of the entire school year. Most students look forward to this day for weeks or months! That's why it is important that you mind some basic rules to keep the trip safe and enjoyable.

Be Safe

  • Don't get reckless on the bus. You don't want your day to end early, do you? Misbehavior on the bus can get you into trouble and ruin your day. You could end up sitting on the bus while the others enjoy the destination.
  • Don't wander off. Listen carefully when the teacher gives instructions about sticking with the group or sticking with an assigned partner even when going to the restroom. Don't ever wander off on your own, or your trip could end badly. If you break this rule, you could end up with the teacher as your partner!
  • Respect the chaperones. You should respect any chaperones and listen to them as you would your own teacher or parents. Chaperones have a big responsibility, watching after so many students at one time. They can't afford to give too much attention to one "squeaky wheel," so they will probably be intolerant to distractions. Don't be disruptive.
  • Respect nature. Some field trips will take you into contact with animals or plants. For your own safety, be mindful of potential dangers and don't assume you can tug, pull, tease, or touch things safely.
  • Don't roughhouse. You may visit a factory containing equipment with moving parts, or a museum with rooms full of pottery and glass, or a riverside with fast-running water. Kids don't always think about the dangers that come with certain places, so think about the potential hazards before you go, and remember not to push or pull on friends.
  • Keep an eye on the clock. If you are supposed to meet your group for lunch or for loading onto the bus, you should keep an eye on the time. You don't want to miss lunch, and you surely don't want to be left behind.

Have Fun

  • Arrive in plenty of time to get on the bus. You don't want to miss the fun day because you ran into heavy traffic. Plan ahead and leave early.
  • Eat and drink in designated places. Don't assume you can buy a soda from a machine and drink it anywhere. Your destination site might have strict limitations when it comes to drinking or eating on site.
  • Dress for hot and cold. If it's a warm day, it could be really cold inside a building. If it's cold outside, it could be steamy inside! Try to dress in layers so you can add and subtract as necessary.
  • Don't litter. You can be banned from some locations for this. Don't be sent back to the bus!
  • Bring comfort items for the ride. If you are facing a long bus ride, ask if you can bring a pillow or small cover for comfort.

Be Smart

  • Bring along a small recording device or a notebook because you know there will be a follow-up assignment or quiz.
  • Pay attention to any speakers. If your teacher has arranged a speaker, and if a speaker takes time out of his/her day to share wisdom with you, don't ignore it! This trip is for your education. Oh — and there probably will be a quiz.
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