What is a Figure Skating Training Center?

Colorado Springs World Arena Ice Hall - A Figure Skating Training Center
Colorado Springs World Arena Ice Hall - A Figure Skating Training Center. Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris

Question: What is a Figure Skating Training Center?


A figure skating training center is more than just an ordinary ice skating rink. It is a place where many hours are devoted to figure skating. Usually, figure skating training centers have at least two to three sheets of ice, elite ice skating coaches, top figure skaters, off-ice training, and special programs geared towards creating figure skating champions.

The programs at figure skating training centers are designed to meet the needs of first time figure skating competitors, intermediate and advanced figure skaters, and national, world, and Olympic ice skating champions. There may be weight training, fitness rooms, and ballet and dance studios. Figure skaters experience comprehensive training in one place. Prominent and famous ice skating coaches draw skaters to the facility. Sometimes important figure skating events or competitions are held at figure skating training centers.

Most figure skating training centers offer some group ice skating lessons and public skating geared towards beginning and recreational ice skaters, but some ice skating training centers only focus on the experienced athlete. There are usually many hours devoted to freestyle practice sessions, ice dancing, and pair skating. Practice sessions may be divided by figure skating level.

Jump harnesses, video and/or Darthfish videographhy may also be available. Power skating classes and off-ice conditioning classes are offered. Sometimes, specialty ice skating classes, programs, seminars, or figure skating workshops, are held.

One of the most famous figure skating training centers in the world is the Colorado Springs World Arena Ice Hall.

Some other figure skating training centers include University of Delaware's Ice Skating Science Development Center, the International Skating Center of Connecticut, and the Ice Castle International Training Center in Lake Arrowhead, California.

Figure skating training centers are not for everyone. Some of the practice sessions at a training center can be very busy and full. Ice time and private lessons may have to be reserved and set up way in advance. Also, the highly intense and competitive atmosphere may not be suitable for recreational skaters, young children, or adults.