File Types

Different File Types and File Formats used in Graphic Design

There are many file types used in graphic design. These file types include image file formats such as JPG, GIF and TIFF.

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A TIFF file, or TIF file, stands for Tagged Image File Format. TIF files are a common format for images, especially those used on graphic design. More »
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GIF files are a format commonly used for graphics presented on websites. GIFs can contain a maximum of 256 colors, and are therefore best for images that contain simple shapes, a limited color palette, text and other elements as opposed to photos. More »

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JPG files, also known as JPEG files, are a common file format for digital photos and other digital graphics. When JPG files are saved, they use "lossy" compression, meaning image quality is lost as file size decreases. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, the committee that created the file type. More »