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Coordinating the mix of house paint colors can be confusing. Most houses will use a set of colors, or palette, with at least three different exterior colors—one each for siding, trim, and accents. Your local paint store or home supply store can give you a color chart with suggested color combinations. Or, you can view paint colors online by using one of the color charts listed here.

Before You Begin:

  • Please note that colors you see on your computer screen are approximate. Always try a sample of the actual paint before making your final decision.
  • Consider using easy, free House Color Visualization Software to view color choices on your house.
  • Color needs light, and the nature of the light will alter the appearance of color. House colors will change shades as the sun rises and sets. Try to examine your sample colors during different times of the day and, if possible, during different seasons of the year.
Ready? Now, let's start mixing some colors.
Colors from Le Corbusier's Polychromie Architecturale color chart
Colors from Le Corbusier's Polychromie Architecturale color chart. Fan Deck of Le Corbusier Paint Palette courtesy kt.COLOR

Bauhaus architect Le Corbusier is known for designing stark white buildings, but his interiors vibrated with color, ranging from pastels to brights to deep earthen hues. Working for the Swiss company Salubra, Le Corbusier created a series of color keyboards with cutout viewers that allowed designers to see various color combinations. These color chords were reproduced on the Polychromie Architecturale color chart. The Swiss firm, kt.COLOR has manufactured reproduction colors from Le Corbusier, including Variations on White. More than 120 different mineral pigments are used to reproduce each color, making the Le Corbusier palettes especially rich.

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Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright (1935), Mill Run, Pennsylvania, USA
Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright (1935), Mill Run, Pennsylvania, USA. Fallingwater House photo by Walter Bibikow/AWL Images/Getty Images

Inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater® Inspired Colors includes Cherokee Red and a dozen other colors found in Wright's famous Fallingwater. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has authenticated the color chart. Fallingwater® Inspired Colors are part of the Voice of Color® Collection by PPG, Pittsburgh® Paints. More »

Exterior of Taliesin West, the winter home and studio of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
Exterior of Taliesin West, the winter home and studio of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Taliesin West photo by Stephen Saks/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

"Color is so universal and yet so personal," says PPG The Voice of Color. Their Frank Lloyd Wright collection not only includes Fallingwater-inspired colors, but a broader palette of colors found in Wright's winter retreat at Taliesin West.

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Paint Color Wheel
Paint Color Wheel. Photo © Digital Vision / Gettty Images

Find color charts, color combinations, and paint color formulas for more than 100,000 paint colors from over 100 paint manufacturers. Read articles about paint color choices and ask questions about selecting paint color. This one-stop website will also let you order paint color fan decks, Benjamin Moore brand paints, or sample-sized "mini" cans of Benjamin Moore paint tinted to any color from any brand paint manufacturer. More »

CBN Systems provides an online database for you to view thousands of colors from major paint manufacturers like Benjamin Moore, Behr, Sherwin Williams, and many others. Select a manufacturer's name to view color charts and popular color combinations online, or download free trial paint color software with free paint color palettes. CBN also lets you mix your own paint—simply select a color from their database, send them the code, and their paint formulation service sends you the formula to take to your local paint store. This service will help you achieve the exact color you need. More »

For those who are new to choosing colors, California Paints has a primer on color theory as well as its own Online Color Center to explore. The more experienced (and busy) house painter can view the California Paint color chart with colors created in collaboration with Historic New England. To create a palette from America's past, these Color Collections are grouped according to historic period and architectural style.

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Valspar Paints is a large, global company with many distributors, but it began as a little paint store in 1806, when the United States was a new nation. Think about the history of your own house. Then, from the Valspar color chart, choose colors from the historic Valspar color palettes. You can also explore the Valspar library of ideas to see how your chosen paint colors look on rooms and houses. More »

Find your favorite Benjamin Moore paints in this enormous color chart from one of America's most respected paint companies. View color families and color combinations, and learn about trends and issues related to interior and exterior house colors. More »

Man with paint roller, painting wall yellow
Man with paint roller, painting wall yellow. Photo by Asia Images Group/Getty Images

So what's the sense of what La Corbusier calls Polychromie Architecturale? Poly means "many" and chroma is color; many colors and certain combinations of colors will change the perception of architectural design. Providers of paints help you choose color combinations.

KILZ® is known for manufacturing stain-covering primers, and they claim that their Casual Color paints also provide great hiding properties. If you use a roller and choose a color from the KILZ color chart, you shouldn't need to apply a second coat. (Although you may still need to use a primer.) KILZ Casual Colors paint is sold at many retail hardware and lumber stores. More »

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