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E85 and biodiesel fuel pumps
E85 and biodiesel fuel pumps. photo © Scott Gable

Ever wonder where you can find a biodiesel fueling station near you? Or if there are any E85 filling stations in your neighborhood? While it’s easy to go for the gasoline and find plenty of places to fill ‘er up (over 170,000 in the United States), that’s not always the case with alternative fuels.

Times are a-changin’ though. Every week more biofuel filling stations come on-line. And that’s good news for you alt fuel enthusiasts.

Yes, it’s getting easier by the day to find greener vehicles and filling stations to support that habit. Tap into these up-to-date databases to find your closest filling stations by fuel type:

Biodiesel - Remember, diesel vehicles are alt fuel by default, and many stations offer B5, B20 or even B100. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations on newer models.

Ethanol - Could your vehicle clean up its emissions act by using this domestic biofuel? Check for later model E85 compatibility or look for a flex-fuel badge on newer models.

Electricity - When you’re away from your handy home outlet, find out where you can publicly juice up.

Hydrogen - This is the fuel for the BMW Hydrogen 7, Honda FCX and Chevrolet Equinox FCV. Hydrogen powered vehicles are a reality.

Natural Gas – Got a Honda GX or thinkin’ about one? Check out where you can fill up and drive the cleanest internal combustion production engine in the world.

Propane - Whether you’re part of a fleet or thinking about a conversion, check out where you can fill that tank.

Thanks to the dedicated folks at Alt Fuel, the U.S. Dept. of Energy, National Biodiesel Board and the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition for these regularly updated databases. One caution: Be sure to call before attempting to use these stations – we’ve run into situations where pumps need to be pre-approved or unlocked, or specialty fuel cards need to be issued before using the pump. Do your homework so you won’t be disappointed.

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