Where to Find the Best Hurricane Tracking Charts

Blank Maps of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for Tracking Hurricanes

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Updated August 26, 2015

Hurricane tracking charts are blank maps used to track the path of a hurricane. When tracking hurricanes, the intensity of the storm is indicated on the path along with any dates/times of landfall. There are several versions of the charts depending upon your needs.

(All links will open maps in PDF format.)

Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart Version 1
This version is as official as it gets.

Used by forecasters at the National Hurricane Center (NHC), it not only has a view of the full Atlantic basin, but of the east coast of Africa, too. With a smaller grid overlay, the path of a hurricane can be plotted with greater precision.

Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart Version 2
This grayscale NOAA chart has a smaller grid and a wider view of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast.

Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart Version 3
This color chart is produced by the American Red Cross and shows the full Atlantic basin. Helpful tips on the dangers of hurricanes are printed on the map and all states, islands, major cities, and beaches are clearly labeled.

Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart Version 4
This black and white chart is one of NOAA's older versions, but has small dot marks in a grid for easy plotting. Islands and land structures are labeled.

Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart Version 5
Courtesy of the LSU Agricultural Center, this grayscale chart is unique in that it labels the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Pacific, and Atlantic waters.

One obvious drawback? It only includes a view of the eastern seaboard up to Virginia. (NOTE: The chart is on page 2 of this .pdf file, but the first page contains some very useful evacuation tips and hurricane facts.)

Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Tracking Chart Version 1
For those wishing to track hurricanes that enter into the Gulf of Mexico, this map provides the perfect solution.

A grid overlay and labels of major cities on the Gulf Coast provide an easy way to track the path of some of the most destructive United States hurricanes.

Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Tracking Chart Version 2
The Boat Owners Association of the United States provides this simple map for tracking Gulf Coast hurricanes. (It's a great kid-friendly version.) The Caribbean Islands are labeled as well as major Gulf Coast cities.

Eastern Pacific Hurricane Tracking Chart
This map comes direct from the NOAA NHC. It includes a view of the Hawaiian islands.

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Hawaii Hurricane Tracking Chart
If you're only interested in plotting hurricanes that venture near the Hawaiian Islands, this is the map for you (courtesy of AccuWeather).

Plotting the Path of a Hurricane

Now that you have the maps printed, it's time to start plottin'! For a simple how-to, check out 'How to Use a Hurricane Tracking Chart'


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