How to Find Every Collectible in Star Wars Battlefront

The locations of all 60 collectible diamonds

In Star Wars Battlefront, developer DICE inserted five collectible "diamonds" in every playable level.

Currently there are four planets available -- Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, and Sullust -- with three different kinds of missions/levels for each one. Do the math, and that's 60 total diamonds to collect.

But finding them isn't always easy, as DICE hid some of them a little deviously. And the diamond icons, which hover and rotate slowly, are an opaque white, which can make them hard to spot.

Well, hunt no more. Here's a comprehensive list of where to find every collectible diamond in the game.

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Collectibles on Hoth
Hoth Collectibles in 'Star Wars Battlefront'. EA Games

Survival on Hoth

  1. From the spawn point, do almost a full 180 and run into the narrow tunnel carved out of snow. At the junction, take a left. Follow the hallway to a small room; the diamond is waiting in its center.
  2. From the spawn point, run forward/left until you reach a snowy ramp on your left. Go up the ramp and follow it as it curves to the left. Go through the doorway on the right (and be ready, there will likely be Stormtroopers waiting for you). Turn right and go into the medical bay. The diamond is just inside.
  3. From the spawn, go straight ahead, past the ramp, past a parked snow speeder, and to the next big open area on your left. Turn left before you get to those two oddly-shaped black things, then turn left again into a small alcove. The diamond is in the back left corner of this room, behind some storage crates.
  4. Across the main corridor from #3 are the snow speeder hangars. The next diamond is on the right side of the first hangar, behind a trio of black barrels.
  5. From #4, head toward the next hangar over but take a quick right and go into the hallway that angles sharply downward. Just ahead will be a big, snowy junction. Take the tunnel on the right and follow it a short way to find the diamond against the right wall.

Battle on Hoth

  1. When you spawn near the tent, look up to the highest cliff on your left and it's easily visible. Work your way up the Hoth mountainside to grab it.
  2. Follow the left side of the map until you see an Imperial Shuttle off in the distance. Below the shuttle is a metal silo, and between you and the silo is a big sinkhole in the snow. The second diamond is on a small hill just before you reach the sinkhole.
  3. Go around the left side of the sinkhole's rim from #2 and you'll find the next diamond nestled between some rocks atop a small rise.
  4. Head for the silo. You'll find the diamond right in front of it between two huge rocks.
  5. To the left of the silo (or the right, if the silo is behind you) is a snowy cave. Head inside and you'll find it hugging the left-side wall behind a small light post.

Hero Battle on Hoth

  1. To the immediate right of the spawn point, jump up the small cliff, and you'll see it on the far end.
  2. On a cliff just above a crashed TIE Fighter, not far from #1.
  3. Look for the big metal silo near a large sinkhole in the snow. You'll find this diamond on a rise above the rim of the sinkhole.
  4. Circle the sinkhole from #3 and you'll find the next diamond on a similar rise on the other side of the hole.
  5. Go toward the silo and drop down from the cliff you're on. You should see the entrance to a snow-filled cave a little to your left. (The mouth of the cave is almost directly below diamond #4.) Enter the cave, run just past the turret and keep to the right wall and you'll see it.
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Collectibles on Tatooine
Tatooine Collectibles in 'Star Wars Battlefront'. EA Games

Survival on Tatooine

  1. The first diamond is straight up in the sky from where you first spawn. You'll probably want to climb one of the nearby cliff faces to reach the diamond with your jetpack.
  2. From the spawn point, there's another diamond floating high in the sky the same as #1. This one is situated above a spot further up the canyon, but before you reach the natural bridge.
  3. From #3, turn left and climb the ridge. Turn left again and you should see a vaporator (those things Tatooine residents use on moisture farms) in the center of a junction. Ropes stretch out from the vaporator in three directions, looking kind of like Tusken Raider clotheslines. The diamond is floating above the vaporator.
  4. From the vaporator, look up in the sky for the Star Destroyer. It should be floating above a very small natural bridge. Work your way up the hill to that bridge, cross it, turn left and head toward the Tusken huts. Before you reach the huts, you'll see an animal skeleton on your left. As soon as you pass it, turn left and look out over the canyon. You'll probably be staring into the sun, so it's hard to see, but the diamond is floating pretty much right in front of the sun, about 5 meters out from you. You'll need your jetpack to reach it, but don't overshoot it or you'll plummet to your death.
  5. From #4, turn a 180 and run under the natural bridge. Keep going through the canyon and take a left when it forks. Before you reach the next natural bridge, take a sharp left and climb the rise toward the Imperial Shuttle. Below the shuttle is a small cave with a Bantha skeleton inside. The diamond is to the right of the skeleton.

Battle on Tatooine

  1. From the spawn point, turn around and board Jabba's sail barge. The first diamond is on the main deck.
  2. Behind the rear of the sail barge is a huge skeleton of a snake-like creature. The next diamond is near its tail.
  3. Look under the big transport ship (the one right in front of you at the spawn point). Near the front, beside the landing support on the ship's left side.
  4. Make your way to the top of the ship, where you'll find a diamond above the cockpit area at the front.
  5. On the right side of the ship are several green tents. The last diamond is on top of one of the tents furthest away from the ship.

Hero Battle on Tatooine

  1. From the spawn point, turn around. The first diamond is underneath Jabba's sail barge.
  2. From the spawn point, go straight ahead to the rear of the big transport ship that's right in front of you. Look inside an open crate that's under the engine exhaust ports.
  3. From there, make your way almost straight up, to the top of the ship near the exhaust ports.
  4. Head to the nose of the ship. The next diamond is inside an open crate on the port side (that's the left for you land-lubbers) of the nose.
  5. Next, go on past the front of the ship and down the dunes to the Sarlaac pit. The diamond floats right over the Sarlaac's mouth, so you can either do a kamikaze dive into the Sarlaac's mouth and sacrifice yourself for the diamond, or you can play as Boba Fett and do a little hop to the diamond and then immediately hit your jetpack thrusters to rise back out.
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Collectibles on Endor
Endor Collectibles in 'Star Wars Battlefront'. EA Games

Survival on Endor

This one is particularly difficult because the remarkably realistic Endor terrain (good job there, DICE!) makes it easy to lose your way. And there precious few landmarks.

  1. You spawn right in front of the shield generator's bunker. Go around it to the left and you'll see two fuel tanks ahead. Climb the hill to the left of the tanks to find the first diamond nestled in some foliage.
  2. From the fuel tanks, run behind the Imperial Shuttle to a dirt path that angles down. When you reach the creek at the bottom, turn left. Head for the waterfall but turn right onto the dirt path before you reach it. Hug the rock wall on the left to find the diamond.
  3. Run along the left edge of the map. Note that this is a long run; you'll pass loads of trees, rocks, and endless green foliage. Finally you'll come to a huge, four-legged AT-AT that's been brought down. Follow the path that starts behind the AT-AT's rear end (for lack of a better term). You'll know you're going the right way when you see the huge shield generator satellite dish/thing in the distance. To the left of the path is a steep drop-off, so be careful. Follow the path, and a short distance beyond the creek, take a slight left to spot the next diamond hovering over a puddle.
  4. Turn around from #3 and start like you're going to head back the way you came. But take a soft left instead and go past the waterfall, and then a second waterfall. Up ahead on the dirt path there's a fork in the road; one path continues straight ahead, the other swerves to the left. Take the left path until you come to a tree with four downed branches sticking out like fingers coming out of the ground. Go around that tree to the right and you should be able to spot the next diamond a short way ahead, in the shadow of a humongous tree.
  5. Starting from #4, turn around and head to the left. A hollowed-out tree lays on the ground ahead. Go through it and you'll spot the Ewok village in the trees on your right. Hug the left edge of this area but don't ascend the Ewok ramp leading up to the trees. Pass the ramp and keep as far left as you can as the path curves around to the left for another twenty meters or so. You should spot the last diamond in a small clearing.

Battle on Endor

  1. The first diamond is just a few feet away from the spawn point inside the bunker. Diagonally to your right is an alcove with several computer stations. The diamond is behind the U-shaped station.
  2. From #1, continue down the corridor to the right of the spawn point and you'll see a set of staircases on the left. Take the stairs down and follow this corridor to the end. Use the exit ahead on the right. Follow the dirt path leading to your right and stay on it, hugging the right edge of the map. You'll soon run into the next diamond floating in some bushes.
  3. From #2, turn around and take the left path toward the shuttle landing pad. Pass the metal pylon on your right and use the dirt path under the landing pad. Turn left at the other end of the pad, climb the foot path, and you'll come to a hollow tree trunk laying on its side. Go through it and you'll come out at a large tree. Circle the tree until you see the diamond.
  4. On the other side of the tree is a path leading back toward the landing pad. Hug the right side of this path and you'll come to a bunker door with yellow stripes. Enter the bunker and go left and then immediately right. Go up the steps at the end of this corridor, and then the second flight of steps next to it. Enter the hallway at the top of the stairs and you'll see it.
  5. Continue down the hallway and use the exit up ahead to the right; you'll exit onto a balcony. Jump off the right side of the balcony and take the dirt path near the bunker wall on the right. The path leads to another bunker door, but turn left instead of going inside. Ahead you should see a fuel tank; the diamond is behind it.

Hero Battle on Endor

  1. Follow the hallway straight ahead and take the exit to the left. Jump down from the balcony and turn left. Directly ahead is another part of the bunker. Jetpack up over the slanted windows to the top of the structure to find the first diamond.
  2. From #1, jump down and follow the dirt path that hugs the bunker wall to the right. After you clear the bunker, turn onto the right-side path that climbs a small hill. Look to the right of this path, back toward the bunker, and the next diamond is hiding high up against a huge tree trunk.
  3. From #2, turn around and find the nearest Imperial Shuttle. The diamond is between its left and center fins.
  4. Do a 180 and find the dirt path near the front-left corner of the landing pad. Up ahead you'll spot a hollowed-out tree trunk laying on its side. The diamond is on top of it.
  5. This last one is a kamikaze mission that there's no recovery from. Play as Boba Fett because you'll never reach the diamond without his jetpack. From #4, turn around and follow the dirt path up to the far right. It runs next to another part of the bunker; take the first yellow-striped entrance on your right. Inside, go left and then turn an immediate right. Go up the stairs at the end of this corridor and turn left. Go through the closed door and you'll find yourself in the electrical room. Go down the steps and turn at the first right. At the end of this catwalk jump and use your jetpack to float straight forward until you see the diamond up against one of the power coils on the right.
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Collectibles on Sullust
Sullust Collectibles in 'Star Wars Battlefront'. EA Games

Survival on Sullust

  1. From the spawn point, turn around and jump up onto the Imperial Shuttle. The first diamond is between the shuttle's right and center fins.
  2. Exit the hangar and take an immediate right. Follow the path while hugging the right-hand wall, and you'll find the diamond behind a big rock.
  3. Exit the hangar and take an immediate left (or retrace your steps from #2 and keep going straight). The next diamond is just past a fuel tank, against the left-hand rock wall.
  4. Near the center of the map is a metal walkway bridge. If you position yourself under that bridge and look toward the Imperial hangar where you spawned, you'll spot the diamond easily.
  5. From the spawn point (the Imperial hangar), run toward your north east until you reach the big lava lake. Look up and on this side of the lake you'll see the diamond hanging high in the air. You have to use your jetpack to boost yourself up high enough to reach it; the trick is not landing in the lava. Be careful!

Battle on Sullust

  1. Turn right from the spawn point and go inside the dark tunnel straight ahead. You'll see the diamond in the middle of some computer consoles to the right.
  2. Work your way up to the top of the closest AT-AT walker. The diamond is on its "back."
  3. On the ground, in the "dugout" area right in front of the other AT-AT.
  4. At the front left corner of the hangar, on the floor just inside the big doorway.
  5. Just outside the big doorway, atop the first bulkhead on the right side.

Hero Battle on Sullust

  1. At the spawn point, do an about-face and look on the other side of the black crates to your left.
  2. On the right side of the hangar bay (oriented to your starting position at the spawn point), look for two huge black crates, one stacked atop the other. The diamond is on top of them.
  3. Right beside #2 is a dark tunnel. Enter and follow it to the end.
  4. Work (or jetpack) your way to the top of the AT-AT parked inside the hangar. If the AT-AT were an animal, you'd find the diamond right on top of its head.
  5. Exit the hangar and turn left. There are four bulkheads up against the structure's wall. The diamond is on top of the second one.