Find Inline Skating Lessons and Class Options

There Are Many Ways to Learn to Inline Skate

Skaters get group training at Escola Oficial de Patinatge Inline. Image © Escola Oficial de Patinatge

Inline skating is fun, and if you learn the basics and stick with them you'll enjoy a lifetime of safe skating safely for fitness and recreation. Preparing to participate in any of the specific roller sports disciplines can be a challenge without accurate knowledge and proper training. Lessons, workshops, camps, classes and team or club membership are among your choices as you learn to skate or work to advance your current abilities.

Classes are usually available by age, skill level, discipline or a combination of these things, so there is something for everyone. These are some of the benefits you will discover in a good skating lesson program:

  • You will learn the correct inline skating techniques.

  • You will benefit from having a qualified inline skating instructor to supervise manuevers and give feedback on your development.

  • Your inline skating skills will probably develop faster.

  • Your level of confidence will grow.

  • Supervised training will keep you from forming bad skating habits that may be hard to break.

Sports centers, rinks and recreational facilities around the world offer inline skating lessons in many of the inline skating disciplines, and they provide various options like these for the training sessions they provide.

Group Inline Skating Classes

Group inline skating lessons are a good choice for beginners, skaters who just need a tune-up or skaters who need to learn a specific technique that is covered in the class.

They're a great option for people who are not ready to commit to weekly lessons over a long period of time. Group programs are usually a few weeks in length (5 to 8 weeks is common). Group inline skating classes are less expensive than private or semi-private lessons and create an opportunity to try inline skating.

Group lessons offer very little individualized one-on-one skating help and there is usually no flexibility in scheduled lesson times. But, they do provide opportunities for social interaction and sports networking in a safe learning environment.

Inline Skating Workshops and Camps

Inline skating workshops and camps are a good choice for beginners who want a different perspective, skaters who just need a tune-up or advanced skaters who need in-depth help with specific techniques. They usually are offered by guest instructors or coaches and typically run for 1 to 5 consecutive days of accelerated training for specific levels of skating. Workshops and camps are sometimes expensive, especially the residential ones, but usually offer a lot of information in a short period of time. Workshops and camps provide a combination of some individualized inline skating help and group training activities. They provide a lot of social interaction and sports networking for participants.

Semi-Private Inline Lessons

Want to learn to skate with a small group of friends or peers? Semi private lessons have much of the flexibility and benefits of a private lesson with the added fun of learning in a small group of 2 to 5 skaters.

These lessons are specifically designed for small groups of family or friends and provides the benefit of shared fees with a lot more one-on-one instruction than a workshop or group class could offer.

Private Inline Skating Lessons

Individual or private skating lessons offer a chance to advance at your own rate of learning. All ages and ability levels can benefit from private lessons, because they provide one-on-one instruction that can speed up the progress of your inline skating development. Anyone who is serious about a specific inline skating discipline, considering competitive skating or just needs personalized help for other reasons, is a candidate for private instruction. Private inline skating lessons are more expensive than other types of lessons, but they are usually more productive.

Learn to Skate with a Team or Club

A skating club or inline skating team may offer a more professional environment in which to learn to skate and practice your inline skating sport. Each club facility or team offers a different selection of services but most offer various types of training to support the disciplines within the club or team.

Whether your goal is inline recreation, fitness, aggressive, freestyle, figure or hockey skating, there are skating programs available to help you master your sport. As soon as you decide to learn any the various inline skating techniques, find a qualified instructor and try some inline skating training. It's more fun than self-directed skating and gets faster and safer results, too.

If find that you are interested in diving into a specific skating activity, focus on building your solid basic skills first, and then take a look at some more traditional roller sports. Or for something different, try these unusual roller sports.

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