How to Find Non-Sponsored Skateboarding Competitions?

Question: How to Find Non-Sponsored Skateboarding Competitions?

Looking for a non-sponsored skateboarding competition? It can be tough! But, there are several competitions out there for amateur skaters who don't have sponsors yet and who want to compete in skateboarding:

Answer: The first step is checking out your local skateboarding competitions. A lot of towns have these, and they are usually hosted by a local skate shop, so that should be your first stop.

If there isn't anything in your area, try the nearby towns and see. These smaller skateboarding contests are a great way to get some experience, and challenge yourself.

If you are looking for something a little more, here are some bigger skate contests that you can check out:


Free Flow Tour

- The Free Flow tour is a non-sponsored skateboarding and BMX competition that tours around the United States (though riders can have sponsors, they just can't be pro), with stops all over the country. The competitions are open to any non-sponsored / amateur skater or rider aged 18 or under, and it only costs $10 to enter! If you lose, you still get a prize bag and there's a party, but if you win, you can get into the Free Flow Tour finals, and then win a Wild Card spot in the finals of the Dew Action Sports Tour, skateboarding or riding against the pros! Find out more about the Free Flow Tour.


Volom's Wild in the Parks Series

- Volcom designed Wild in the Parks as their free-entry amateur-only skateboarding contest series.

This contest series offers a lot of prizes, fame, and a $30,000.00 cash purse at the tour-concluding Championship event. This series has stops all over the world - find out more about Wild in the Parks.


Playstation Am Jam

- Held from March to May, hitting stops all over the USA, this skateboarding and BMX contest hands out trips to Woodward and has a $5000 final prize.

Registration for any event is done at the event, and is open to skaters age 7 to 18. 


World Cup Skateboarding Bowl Series

- All of the WCS Bowl competitions are open to non sponsored skaters. They hold what is called a locals comp at each of the bowl events that allows the top local skaters, sponsored or not, the opportunity to skate. The top skaters then have the chance to skate with the pros.

Here is a list of the 2007 bowl comps:

  • Lib Tec Pool Event, Port Angeles, Washington, May 20
    • Oregon Trifecta, Aug. 10 - 12,
    • Fri. Aug. 10 - Lincoln City, OR
    • Sat. Aug. 11 - Pier Park, Portland, OR
    • Sun. Aug. 12 - Battleground, WA
  • Etnies Bowl, Oct. 5, Lake Forest, CA
  • Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl, Sunday, Sept. 30, Scotts Valley, CA
  • Desert Dog Bowl Bash, Oct. 13 & 14, Phoenix, AZ

Mid Atlantic Skateboard Series (MASS)

- A series of summer skateboarding competitions along the Atlantic US coast that are open to anyone, the MASS competitions feature both bowl and street contests. They have women's divisions, age 40+ divisions, under 10, plus everything in between split from beginner to expert. These are a great way to get some experience competing, and to get noticed (the sponsors list is huge!).

It cost $20 to enter, and minors need parents permission.


Concrete Rodeo

- A summer skatepark competition tour, with contests all over the US, the Concrete Rodeo is a great option if you are looking for a skatepark contest to get into. They have slots for any age, male or female, any skill level. Check out the Concrete Rodeo website to see photos of past competitions, and to see a list of when and where the Concrete Rodeo is hitting this summer.


World Cup Skateboarding

- World Cup Skateboarding organizes all the pointed skateboarding events all over the planet, and also some other skateboarding competitions that you might be able to enter. Check out the World Cup Skateboarding site, and click on "Schedule" to see what competitions they are involved with, and to find out more about each one.

With some of these contests, it can be hard to see whether or not there is anything for truly amateur skating, or what level of Amateur competition is available, so you may need to write to the people organizing the events you are interested in.

Hopefully, whatever your level, there will be something here for you. You can also check out the Skateboarding Events and Competitions Calendar to see if there's anything for you there. Get out there and see what you can do!