How to Conjugate The German Word Finden

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One of the coolest parts of verbs in German is that they change based on when the action happened. But if you don't know how to conjugate them things get tricky. The German word finden means to find or to think, but if you want to tell someone what you found or what you thought, you'll need to learn to conjugate. Thankfully unlike many verbs in English German verbs do follow some easy to remember conjugation rules. 

German Verb Conjugations

Finden: Conjugated in All Tenses

In the following charts will show finden (to find, think) conjugated in all its tenses and moods.

Principal Parts: finden • fand • gefunden

Imperative (Commands): (du) Finde! | (ihr) Findet! | Finden Sie!

Finden Present Tense - Präsens

Irregular Verbs: The verb FINDEN (to find) is a strong (irregular) verb. Its past tense forms fand and gefunden are irregular.

ich finde I find
I am finding
du findest you find
you are finding
er findet

sie findet

es findet
he finds
he is finding
she finds
she is finding
it finds
it is finding
wir finden we find
we are finding
ihr findet you (guys) find
you are finding
sie finden they find
they are finding
Sie finden you find
you are finding


  • Wir können ihn nicht finden. - We can't find him.
  • Er findet den Wein sehr gut. - He thinks the wine is very good. (He finds the wine very good.)

How to Conjugate Finden in All Tenses

Past Tenses • Vergangenheit

The German verb finden (to find, think) conjugated in all its tenses and moods

The German Subjunctive II - How to form it, when to use it

Finden Simple Past Tense - Imperfekt

ich fand I found
du fandst you found
er fand
sie fand
es fand
he found
she found
it found
wir fanden we found
ihr fandet you (guys) found
sie fanden they found
Sie fanden you found

Finden Compound Past Tense (Pres. Perfect) - Perfekt

ich habe gefunden I have found
I found
du hast gefunden you have found
you found
er hat gefunden

sie hat gefunden

es hat gefunden
he has found
he found
she has found
she found
it has found
it found
wir haben gefunden we have found
we found
ihr habt gefunden you (guys) have found
you found
sie haben gefunden they have found
they found
Sie haben gefunden you have found
you found

Finden Past Perfect Tense - Plusquamperfekt

ich hatte gefunden I had found
du hattest gefunden you had found
er hatte gefunden
sie hatte gefunden
es hatte gefunden
he had found
she had found
it had found
wir hatten gefunden we had found
ihr hattet gefunden you (guys) had found
sie hatten gefunden they had found
Sie hatten gefunden you had found

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