Finding Current Events Resources

Are you concerned about current events? Whether you are preparing to write an argument essay for your civics class, or you're preparing to take place in a mock election, or you're warming up for a big classroom debate, you can consult this list of resources for student-friendly resources. For many students, the first place to look will be the social media outlet that you already use.

If you're a fan of Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, you can easily use these sites as tools for keeping current on newsworthy events. Simply add, follow, or like your favorite news outlet, and you'll see the updates. You can always cancel or delete them if you find them annoying. Thanks to members of the government who use social media constantly, it is also a valuable tool for your civics education.  

This will keep you from having to search news sites. When you are ready to read about the events of the week, you can just scroll through your pages to see what the news organizations have posted.

As for Tumblr, you don't need to have your own account to search for certain topics. Simply do a "tag" or keyword search, and any post that is tagged with your topic will appear in the search results.

When new posts are created, the writer is able to add tags that will allow others to find them, so any writer who specializes in topics like solar power, for example, will tag his or her posts so you can find them.

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Parents and Grandparents as Resources

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Do you ever talk to your parents or grandparents about the things that are happening in the world? If you're required to observe or write about current events for school, be sure to talk to family members who keep an eye on the news.

These family members will have a perspective on the events as they developed over the past several decades. They can provide you with a great overview and help you gain a deeper understanding before you dig deeper into other sources.

Most parents and grandparents would be delighted to answer your questions about newsworthy topics. Keep in mind, however, that these conversations should be used as a starting point. You'll need to look deeply into your topics and consult several reliable sources to gain a full perspective.

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Current Event Apps

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One easy way to keep the news at your fingertips is by using apps for your mobile device of choice. Here are a few great suggestions:

Student News Daily is an app that provides current event stories along with links for further reading and quizzes designed to help you gain a full picture of the issue you're reading about (sign up to receive answers to quizzes via email). Another great feature on this site is the Thursday Editorial. Editorials are opinion pieces, and students can respond to these and express their own opinions by writing their own letter to the editor. And there is another unique feature: their weekly example of biased news reporting--something that is becoming increasingly relevant in modern news reporting. Grade A+

Timeline is an app that provides users with a list of news stories to choose from. When you select a story, you have the option of seeing a full timeline of events that led up to the event. It's an amazing resource for students and adults, alike! Grade A+

News360 is an app that creates a personalized news feed. You can select topics that you want to read about and the app will collect quality content from several news sources. Grade A

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Ted Talks Videos

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TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a nonprofit organization that provides short, very informative, and thought-provoking presentations from professionals and leaders from around the world. Their mission is to "spread ideas" on a wide variety of topics.

You're likely to find videos related to any topic you're researching, and you can browse through lists of videos to find great perspectives and explanations concerning world issues.