Finding Statistics and Data for Research Papers

Reports are always more interesting and convincing if they contain data or statistics. Some research numbers and results can add a really surprising or interesting twist to your papers. This list provides some good places to start if you want to support your opinions with some research data.

Tips for Using Statistics

Remember that data plays an important role as evidence to support your thesis, but you should also be cautious about relying too heavily on dry statistics and facts. Your paper should contain a good mixture of evidence from a variety of sources, as well as well-constructed discussion points.

Be sure that you understand the contest of statistics you use. If you are comparing internet usage among teens in China, India, and the United States, for example, you should be sure to explore the many economic and political factors as part of your discussion.

If you are planning a speech, you will need to use statistics wisely and sparingly. Dramatic statistics are more impactful and easier for your audience to understand in a verbal delivery. Too many statistics will put your audience to sleep.

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Research Studies: Public Agenda

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This great site provides insight into what the public really thinks about a wide spectrum of topics. Examples are: what teachers think about teaching; America's views on crime and punishment; how minority populations feel about educational opportunities; what American teenagers really think about their schools; public attitudes about global warming; and much, much more! The site provides free access to press releases on dozens of research studies, so you don't have to browse through dry percentages.

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Health: National Center for Health Statistics

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Statistics on cigarette smoking, birth control use, child care, working parents, marriage probability, insurance, physical activity, causes of injury, and much more! This site would be helpful if you are writing about a controversial topic.

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Social Sciences: U.S. Census Bureau

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You'll find information on income, employment, poverty, relationships, ethnicity, ancestry, population, houses and living conditions. This site would be helpful if you are looking for helpful information for your social science projects.

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Economics: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

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Writing a paper for your political science or economics class? Read the White House briefing room statistics on employment, income, money, prices, production, output, and transportation.

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Crime: U.S. Department of Justice

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Find crime trends, trends on investigations, gun use, convictions, juvenile justice, inmate violence, and more. This site provides a gold mine of interesting information for many of your projects!

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Education: National Center for Education Statistics

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Find statistics provided by the "federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education." Topics include dropout rates, performance in mathematic, school performances, literacy levels, postsecondary choices, and early childhood education.

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Geopolitics: GeoHive

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This site provides "geopolitical data, statistics on the human population, Earth and more." Find interesting facts about the countries of the world, like the largest cities, biggest airports, historical populations, capitals, growth statistics, and natural phenomena.

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World Religion: Adherents

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Curious about religions of the world? This site has information regarding religious movements and their countries of origin, predominant religions, biggest churches, affiliations of famous people, holy places, movies about religion, religion by location—it's all there.

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Internet Usage: A Nation Online

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Internet usage reports from the U.S. government, with information about online behavior, entertainment, the age of users, transactions, time online, the effect of geography, usage by state, and much more.

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