Fire Science Fair Project Ideas

Fire, Combustion & Burning Experiments

Scientist creating fire demonstration in palm of hand in science center
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Are you looking for a science fair project that involves fire or combustion? Here are some ideas for fire projects to get you brainstorming.

  • What chemicals burn in different colors?
  • What substances can mask the colors of flames?
  • Which type of oil produces the least soot when it burns? You can collect soot (carbon black) by burning in a container and wiping it down between tests or by examining a filter paper (or coffee filter) placed in with the test oil.
  • Analyze whether burning trash is a good alternative to landfills.
  • Examine the effects of flame retardant chemicals on growing plants or on animals, such as insects or aquarium fish.
  • Which common materials (e.g., paper, foam, cloth, vinyl) produce the worst smoke/air pollution when burned?
  • Examine how controlled burning is used for forests and parks.
  • Examine the effects of ash on soil composition.
  • How does diminishing oxygen affect the appearance of a flame?
  • Does it matter what type of wax is used to make a candle?
  • Can you construct candles using liquid oils or other fuels besides wax?

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